The story element developed in the excerpt

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dariusz sankowski ABAmxzlot8E unsplash

Any creative work has many different aspects that go into it such as plot, character, setting etc.

For example in the excerpt the author mentions three different story elements: plot, setting and mood. 

Plot is one of the main techniques that develop suspense and keeps readers wanting to find out more about what happens next while setting and mood create a sense of realistic involvement in a given world or situation and leaves less opportunity for readers to jump away from it.

As we all know that plot is a sequence of events in a story or drama

Just like in this passage the author shows the process of how he developed the plot and took it to another level and how he made all the characters and each one’s background before deciding who should die, who should survive and other important details. 

We can see that his plot development started out as a story about two friends who went to school together and became terrorists later on due to their family situation at home, but after further development became all about Anwar’s revenge against Tariq because of what happened after Tariq accidently injured Hassan’s heart.

 This makes sense in the story because in the beginning it was all about revenge and later on it developed into a story of love and friendship.

In this passage the author presents the idea of how he developed each element of his plot from an outline criticising two women from working for a cleaning agency to more detailed pieces that give backstory to each character and action that happened before then.

 In addition, he goes into depth about how he decided who will live and who will die at certain points of the story. 

Each element was so well written that each word made me feel connected to it by staying at a constant pace until I finished reading.

Here is what story element is developed in the excerpt :

1.Plot which is the story development or execution of action. 

It is the point of the story you are trying to get across.

2.Setting , how the author can create a mood with realistic details .

That stays constant throughout the passage, for example the author mentions how they are “surrounded by thick trees,” it gives me a feeling of being in a forest and I picture this idea in my head as I read.

3.Mood is what gives readers an emotional connection to it.

For example, when you are reading an excerpt you can feel sad when there are deaths or happy when something good happens.

Other story element in the excerpt:

A.Character is how you can distinguish between characters in a number of ways: 

Example: Who is the character and what is their point in the story and how does this character influence one or more other characters? For example, why did Tariq become a terrorist?

We even learn about their background. 

For example, Hassan has a lung disease because of his father’s smoking habit, Tariq has an accident.

 They are also involved in politics so they are aware of certain situations that are happening around them. 

We can even compare different types of characters by saying they are different for example “they were both engineers but had different backgrounds. ” 

B. Point of the story is another way of saying Plot

Example: “It’s sad to say but unfortunately, Hassan has died.” (about A, B) 

Plot Point Examples: What happens before the beginning of the story? And what happens after the end of the story? 

“He had left for work and never came back.” (A) 

There was a fire on the bridge; no-one living on it survived (B) 

Anwar’s father’s health had worsened, again. (A) 

Anwar’s father’s health had worsened, again. (B)” He was born in Pakistan. (A) 

B born in Pakistan. (B)” (A and B both took place on the same date and at the same time of day, but they happened simultaneously on different sides of the city.)

“He had died in his sleep at home.” (A) 

Stories are often made up of many plot points or scenes.”(B) 

To The Editor Of The New York Times From A Working Class Family In Victoria, British Columbia.

 “I have recently witnessed an astonishing miscarriage of justice in our midst. The fact that Ms. Badawy has been unjustly convicted is another example of how Canadian justice has become so politicized that it no longer serves our interests to have her treated fairly.

 This is the worst kind of injustice, the kind that has plagued minority groups for too long.

 It is precisely these kinds of injustices that I fear will not be corrected until we challenge the one percent’s right to rule us; until we realize that our fate is tied to theirs.” (A)


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