The Story Of Accordini Igino Winery Has Just Gone Viral!

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The story of Accordini Igino Winery has just gone viral! After the winery had success with their Sauvignon Blanc, they decided to release a new varietal called the Accordini. This champagne-style wine is mixed with apple juice and has an amazingly inventive story behind it. The newly released wine will be available at select stores in New York City only for a limited time.

This sparkling new beverage was designed by Igino’s lead winemaker, Chris Warren, who wanted to create something fun that stood out from other wines in the category and would be big news on social media. The wine was created with the help of a few celebrity test tasters who were in on the secret.

The wine is made with a rare variety of apple called “Adelaide Saxifrage” which is now available only in the former Soviet Union, so these apples had to be flown from Russia to New York City to be used. The champagne-style wine has a nice crispness to it and an interesting mix of apple and citrus flavors that work together nicely. This juice was blended with sparking wine for an extra pop and says something when your first taste originates from Russia.

With the help of Instagram celebrity and Vine star, Joey Ghostlaser, in his first non-digital marketing gig, the iconic Accordini bottle was conceptualized. The label was designed by director/producer Frank Rose who works with Joey Ghostlaser on his popular Vine channel. They teamed up with design studio Simpatico to get the packaging just right.

The one-of-a-kind labels feature an edible ink that you will need to eat off before you drink this wine. This is a special way to bring out the flavor of this wine and it is clear when you read the back label. The wine is available in limited quantities and will only be available for a limited time at select stores in New York City.

Igino Winery is located in the Hudson Valley of New York, where they make all of their wines in small batches with an emphasis on quality. This winery was the first family-owned winery ever to open up in the area and the vineyard is also the first certified organic vineyard to sell their grapes directly to California wine producers. They are pioneers when it comes to sustainability and making great wine at affordable prices. Igino’s crops are harvested by hand from family-owned farms where they feel it is important to support local growers whenever possible.

Igino Winery originally attempted to launch this wine in 2014, but it was unsuccessful. This time they put a lot more thought into the marketing appeal of the wine and how they could appeal to younger consumers. They kept the grape name and grape variety a secret from all consumers until they started selling the Accordini. Igino’s team worked hard to get the story out via word of mouth and social media channels that would reach millennials who like to be entertained. With this approach, Igino believes that they were successful in creating the social media buzz that they were looking for, which is something that is not common for wines in this category.

More on this amazing story is available at igonewine.


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