The Story Of Acura Dealership Kansas City Has Just Gone Viral!

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Acura dealership Kansas City, Missouri is giving people the perfect car buying experience. They have it all. Like, for instance, making deals with customers. The reason? It’s all about building relationships. Nothing else. The dealership is giving away a free Acura to the person who buys a new 2017 or 2018 model from them.

In 2016, this dealership was named one of the best in the country. Back then, they won for their amazing customer service and their dedication to building relationships with customers.

Brian Del Rosso is the owner of Kansas City Acura. He’s been building relationships for 22 years!

What’s wrong Brian? It’s a good joke.

I don’t think so. The number of people asking me for a car is way, way up lately. More than ever. I can’t keep up with it.

If you have been in the business long enough, you understand that I have touched on this subject many times before. But every time I do, the people who read my articles ask me “Why isn’t anyone listening to us?” or “Why aren’t we getting better customer service”.

Well, if you run an Acura dealership in Kansas City that gives away a free car to anyone who buys one, you are going to get the attention of some people. And it’s going to be negative.

The one thing that I wish Brian would have considered before putting his dealership on the map is that he burned a lot of bridges with his social media stunt. It doesn’t really matter if all his deals closed and he had more leads than ever. What matters is how he built those leads and how he interacted with them.

If we look at Brian’s Facebook posts we can see that although they were funny and clever, they were still extremely arrogant and rude.

Here is a photo of Brian and his co-owner at the dealership. He is holding a sign that boasts about how many new customers they received in 2016: 182 new customers.

Here is another photo of them at the dealership:

Brian looked intimidating and decisive in these photos, but we can see that he did not smile or interact with his co-workers on the job. He was not friendly or approachable. The next day, Brian posted several photos on Instagram of him smiling and laughing with his co-worker while both were at work:

This would have been a great opportunity for Brian to show his management team how he interacts with people when things are going wrong. This photo of him smiling and laughing with his co-worker would have been a great example of how he treats people.

However, Brian’s management team is not nearly as exciting as his customers, so I am guessing his posts went unnoticed.

In the end, Brian was quick to point out that this dealership has been in business for 22 years and has never had a complaint filed against them:

We have a very good relationship with the city of Kansas City and we’ve never had a complaint. That has never happened.

I have nothing but respect for you Brian. You were clearly not expecting negative reactions to your social media stunt. You were simply trying to generate leads for your business by giving away a free car. But what you did not realize is that you were also burning bridges with the people who could have helped you the most. It is one thing to give people something for free, but it is an entirely different thing to belittle them and call them names when they don’t want your gift.

Good luck Brian, I hope you can bounce back from this. People will forgive you after they see the real side of your personality.


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