The Story Of Vikram Sarabhai Invention Has Just Gone Viral!


Vikram Sarabhai is the man who thought India should have a colony on the Moon. He is most famous for developing the concept of satellite communication and space research to get his idea off the ground. Vikram Sarabhai first wrote about this in 1964, when it was still considered impossible. Three decades later, NASA followed suit with a plan to put an unmanned probe into Earth’s orbit and land on the moon. The story of this prolific Indian scientist has just gone viral as a video that included him talking about his invention reached more than 1 billion viewers over 11 days by reaching 150 million views on Facebook alone.

Vikram Sarabhai  invented a slew of things, including the rocket propellant that sent India’s first satellite, Aryabhata I, into space in 1975. He was also the man to conceive India’s first satellite program through the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) and establish ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Vikram Sarabhai’s inventions are absolutely amazing and contribute to society.

Sarabhai is credited with popularizing science in India when he built the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) in Ahmedabad and mentored future engineers and scientists. He was a true giant among giants who changed the lives of millions of Indians. Even if you don’t know Sarabhai or his work, his ideas have certainly touched your life. One such invention was the multi-layer plastic packaging used in the food industry.

He is India’s pride and he should be treated like that. He is someone who has made not just India proud but also every person who is born in this country. People should learn about him, his inventions and how he revolutionized space science in India. He should be commemorated for his contributions towards society and science, which he has been all through his life. His ideas and inventions will always be remembered by everyone, because in today’s world things have become a lot easier because of Vikram Sarabhai inventions. He will always live on through Science Research and his contributions towards it.

The Story Of Vikram Sarabhai Invention Has Just Gone Viral :

1. The Rediscovery Of Mangalorean Seafood

Dr. Sarabhai, who was also known as ‘The Father of the Indian Space Programme’, shared his vision of space research with Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in early 1990s and was working day and night to make it a reality. In a letter sent to the PM, he had proposed a mission to put an unmanned probe into Earth’s orbit and land on the moon. However, he had neglected one very important fact that has now gone viral. He never said a word about how to preserve the seafood that will be brought back to Earth. And now we know why.

2. Vikram Sarabhai Invented A Solution To Preserve Seafood

Dr Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, the founder of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was not only known for his contribution towards India’s space program but also for his invention of a solution to preserve seafood. He did that when he was working on the project of bringing seafood from the ocean-bed. Although it is not clear whether or not Dr Sarabhai had officially patented his invention, but his research team gave an interview to a leading newspaper where they talked about the invention.

3. How Did Dr Vikram Sarabhai Invented A Solution To Preserve Seafood?

When Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee decided to support Vikram Sarabhai’s proposal to launch an unmanned probe into Earth’s orbit and land on the moon, he also asked him how India would bring back heavenly seafood. The scientist told PM Vajpayee that he was already working on a solution to this problem. First, seafood will be frozen and then preserved. However, there was a problem when it came to transporting the seafood.

4. Why Was Dr Vikram Sarabhai Concerned About Seafood Transportation?

The problem is that the seafood will thaw out from the inside if it is transported in frozen conditions. Dr Sarabhai believed that for this purpose, “a multi-layer plastic bags with multi-layer films” would be used instead of importing cardboard boxes from other countries. The said solution had been developed and tested by his research team with laboratory rats. Rats were made to sit at a table on which four glasses of milk have been kept.

5. How Was Dr Vikram Sarabhai’s Seafood Preserving Solution Tested?

According to him, this invention can be used in the event that there is no food or water on the moon. He had also mentioned that they were working on two separate platforms – one to bring the seafood and another to preserve it. The idea was tested successfully with lab rats where it was found that they survived for more than 14 days. The team also added that they had made a huge breakthrough in testing the multilayer plastic packaging on all kinds of milk products and milk food products, which will be brought from outer space.


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