The Top Pros And Cons Of Las Cruces Craigs

Las Cruses Craigs
Las Cruses Craigs

Las Cruces Craigs is a popular shopping destination in New Mexico that offers a variety of shops and restaurants. Locals love it, but many travelers see it as one-dimensional and too touristy for their tastes. Las cruces craigs is a favorite due to the large number of stores, movie theater, and variety of restaurants. However, this shopping destination is not without its problems. Below are seven pros and cons for Las Cruces craigs.

The Top Pros Of Las Cruces Craigs :

1. Variety of stores:

The variety of stores in Las Cruces craigs is one of the main reasons that some people visit it. From clothing and jewelry to houseware and electronics, you can find almost everything you need at Las Cruces craigs.

2. Restaurants:

Las cruces craigs has a large variety of restaurants, from fast food chains to family style Mexican restaurants. It is an easy walk from any store to a restaurant that offers something for every taste. One thing that annoys travelers who visit Las Cruces craigs is the lack of good restaurants for those who are vegetarian and/or gluten free. However, there are several options in the area.

3. Movie Theater:

One of the only movie theaters that can be found in Las Cruces is located at Las Cruces craigs. This is a great place to visit if you want to watch a movie or enjoy an evening out with your family. Some people love the mall because it offers free movie everyday and free popcorn every Wednesday. The theater shows movies in five different languages as well, which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy their favorite movie.

4. Variety of entertainment:

Las Cruces craigs has a home shopping center, which makes it easy for shoppers who want to buy items on sale without needing to pay shipping costs or sales tax. There is a store filled with home décor, furniture, and kitchen items that is a favorite among Las Cruces craigs shoppers. There are several different stores that offer clothing, electronics, and jewelry. In addition to stores and restaurants, the mall offers entertainment in the form of children’s games, rides, and a petting zoo in the food court. There are also several tables where people can play table games or sit and enjoy their lunch.

The Top  Cons Of Las Cruces Craigs :

1. Tacky decorations:

People who don’t like Las Cruces craigs usually mention how tacky it is decorated as one of their reasons for disliking it. Many of the mannequins in the stores are dressed in very revealing clothing, which can be offensive or embarrassing for some people. The decorations that can be found throughout the mall are also a turn off for many people. They feel as though Las Cruces craigs is trying too hard to be cool and doesn’t succeed at this goal.

2. Can get crowded:

Las Cruces craigs can get crowded during peak hours on weekdays and holidays, but this should not be a problem during normal hours. During these more crowded times, it is harder to find parking spaces and to walk around without bumping into other shoppers/

3. Not very kid friendly:

Las cruces craigs is not really a kid friendly place at all. While some kids can enjoy the stores, it is often difficult for them to find things that they like. There are a lot of toys and games for older children, but there are few or nothing for younger children. Also, parents should be aware that there are not a lot of places in Las Cruces craigs for parents to hold their toddlers or other young children. Most stores do not allow little ones to run around unsupervised as well.

4. Far away from the border:

Las Cruces craigs is located in New Mexico, which means that it is a long drive from Las Cruces and El Paso, Texas. If you want to do some shopping for Mexican cuisine or ingredients for your favorite dish, you will have to travel in the opposite direction of where you want to go. In addition, it is a long drive to the nearest beach if you are planning on spending some time at the beach while you are visiting New Mexico.

5. All sales tax:

If you buy something at Las Cruces craigs, all sales tax will be added onto your total price. You will also have to pay shipping charges if your items are delivered directly to your home. This is only an issue if you are not near a large city because most people do not like to drive the long distance to their destination.

6. No free parking:

If you like the idea of shopping in Las Cruces craigs, but dislike the tacky decorations, then you should be aware that there is no free parking near Las Cruces craigs. However, there are several parking lots located nearby that can offer reasonable rates for those who are willing to drive or take a bus ride into the city.


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