The Unofficial Nuclear Throne Weapon Tier List

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austrian national library 9nFw69FmDDg unsplash

The Unofficial Nuclear Throne Weapon Tier List. 

This unofficial tier list is a compilation of the most powerful nuclear weapons in Nuclear Throne, currently with a total of 39 weapons. 

It was compiled by Don’tcrossthebrickroad and is an ongoing project not officially sanctioned by Vlambeer.

 If there are any mistakes or omissions, please contact DBCR directly at the email listed below for details on how to advertise this list on your website or blog post.

The following criteria will be used to rank these devices:

First Strike Capability:

 In this category we will be ranking weapons by how many enemies they can wipe out in one strike against a city full of people. 

This is to see if any weapons can take down a whole city in one shot.


In this category we will be ranking how much damage each weapon can do against a single person or target, as well as its overall potential.

 This category will give you an idea of the power levels of each weapon and how devastating it can be.

Overall Potential: 

In this category we will be ranking all the weapons on how useful they are and how much fun they could be to play with.

 Overall Potential consists of both first strike capability and damage, giving us a great idea on the best Nuclear Throne weapons overall.

I will be making another tier list later with the non-nuclear weapons. Once they are fully tested, I will update this list to include them as well.

also be doing a tier list containing all of the people in the game so stay tuned for that.

 Please do not spam me with suggestions to include anything on the list, as even though

 I would like to see how powerful some of these weapons are, I simply don’t have time to test everything.


This list was created from my personal experiences with the weapons and from getting to a nuclear throne with a nuclear throne character.

 One of the most difficult parts of making this list was getting a regular run started, 

so I could test all these weapons.

 Every weapon has been tested in a city full of people,

 so I have an idea for their potential and power levels. 

The weapons are organized by their stats. 

The top two rows are the best weapons in the game, 

followed by the middle row which is below average, and finally the bottom row which are below-average to useless.

The video will be updated as more tests are done with each weapon, 

so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

This is an unofficial tier list created by DBCR.

 It does not reflect the views of Vlambeer or any other influential members of the Nuclear 

Throne community, or anyone else involved with the game.

This list does not take into account the difficulty in obtaining anything.

This list does not include boss tier items.


The next time a patch is released, the following changes will be implemented to this list:

All weapons currently at level 1 will have their level raised to 2, and all weapons currently at level 2 will have their level raised to 3. 

This way we can see how much more powerful things get with each upgrade.

The Grandfather tier items will be further broken up into their own category.

 Currently the only difference between them and the other weapons is that they can also shoot down enemies in one strike,

 while all other nuclear weapons require two strikes.

The boss tier items will also be further broken up into their own category. 

Their stats are not that different from the other Nuclear Throne weapons, but they are harder to access.

Grandad’s Favorite Pipe will be given its own tier list position.

This will show how powerful each weapon can be,

 to give you an idea of what kinds of things you should expect when starting a run with different characters or playstyles.

 I have added all effects allowed in Nuclear Throne to the descriptions,

 so these should give you a good idea for how powerful each weapon is currently in Nuclear Throne 1.0.5d + Hotfix 2a .

Don’tcrossthebrickroad – This guy right here. Otterhater – For helping me test Heavy Grenade Launcher and Military Grade Rifle. Flash5150 & Flash103 – For giving feedback on the tier list and providing a reason for which they would rather have a different weapon instead of a certain one I had on the list.

nuclear throne weapon tier list


 For giving me some feedback on the tier list by pointing out some errors.

 He also helped me test two weapons I had not yet tested, so thanks for that!

MeetYourMaker – For helping me test Grenade Launcher.

CalexIL – For testing all the weapons at level 1 with me to see if their stats were really correct.


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