The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business


The “Nouveau tech secret society out business” is a group of people but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a secret society. No one knows who created it. It was started by two high school friends, and the tagline is: “Start your own business, no strings attached.”

The idea behind this company is that you purchase an inexpensive starter kit including things like an iPhone case as well as some ideas for different types of products to sell. There are several ways to build your business. All you have to do is try and fail, try again and fail again until you succeed in making at least $5k in profit. Nouveau tech secret society out business is all about failure.

The founders have had considerable success with promoting businesses that don’t really exist. They have fake Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts galore.

Their goal is to get you to spend money on their kit then fail and go out of business, so they can make money when you order more stuff to “be successful.” The problem with Nouveau tech secret society is that the founders keep buying fake followers, likes etc. to make themselves look legit. If you promote them on your various social sites, they swipe your pictures and make it look like their products or services are popular when they aren’t.

The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business :

1. Join Nouveau Tech so you can make a boat load of money with no work.

Warning: the more people wanting to join the harder it will be for you to earn any money. There are only 12 spots in each community so your main competition will be other people who join to sell your products. Also, most people quit before they even earn $5k.

2. Promote Nouveau Tech and make a fortune with no work.

If you promote Nouveau Tech on all of your social media accounts, you will be frowned upon and unfriended by real friends who are interested in promoting their own businesses. If you try to promote Nouveau Tech on your social pages, they will add another Twitter account that they have purchased followers for in order to make it look like there is a growing community when in reality it is the same 12 people posting on every account.

3. It is easy to sell products with no experience or skills.

Starting a business takes work and countless hours of effort even if you are an expert in the field; most people that join Nouveau Tech don’t have any interest in creating a real business, so their enthusiasm is not genuine and what seems like a reasonable goal of $5k doesn’t seem possible because no one really cares about the company or product.

4. Nouveau Tech will make you money with no knowledge or skills.

All you have to do is buy their kit and promote them on your social media accounts. It sounds like a good deal, but once you join the Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business, you will find out that most people who bought into their plan want to build a business without any effort from their parts and they don’t care about learning anything about how to be successful online because in reality the Nouveau Tech Secret Society Our Business is about failure and making excuses for why things aren’t going well for you.

Top 5 reasons not to join Nouveau Tech :

1. They make your life hard.

In order to join Nouveau Tech, you have to pay $99 dollars and fill out a bunch of financial information. They don’t let you get started without checking your credit to make sure that you are eligible for the program. This is really the only good thing about them but by using the same techniques that scammers use they hold on to your money until they get their 10% commission..

2. It takes years before you see any income from this business opportunity.

There is no timeline or roadmap for how long it will take for you to make money and by that time, most people will quit because it is very difficult. It is hard to believe that you are building a real business and there are so many hoops for you to jump through, it seems like one big scam.

3. They don’t sell you real products- they sell you garbage.

The products don’t even exist! The only people making money in the Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business are the founders of the company because they buy fake followers to create an illusion that people really want their product.

4. The products are very cheap.

This is a good thing if you really want to start a business, but it is also a bad thing because they have nothing to sell and they have to overcharge you for the things that they do have in order to make any money. The founders of Nouveau Tech pay other companies actual money in order to use their logos and trademarks in the products, so it looks like the Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business has real products, when in reality there is nothing real about them!

5. You don’t get any support from anyone from Nouveau Tech Secret Society Out Business once you join.

The founders of Nouveau Tech do not help people once they join the company; they give you a bunch of false information and make it seem very hard to earn money. They make it seem like everyone will quit within weeks or months, but in reality most people will quit after a few weeks because the money they are earning is ridiculous.


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