These Dota Tutorials Went Viral for a Reason

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So you want to learn Dota2 mmr? Great! There are some really excellent tutorials on YouTube that go way beyond what one might typically find in a beginner’s tutorial. They might not be the most concise, but they present an excellent case study of why these tutorial creators have gone viral. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring pro looking to get really good at Dota 2, there is something on this list for you. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites and put them in alphabetical order for easy access.

1. Dota 2 – A Fantastic Tutorial on How to Play

“I’m crazy about tutorials and I’ve watched many of them on Dota 2. I think that this one should be higher ranked among them. It’s just fantastic. The creator of this tutorial tries very hard in explaining every aspect of the game in detail.” – Anurag

2. How to Play Dota 2 – A Very Easy Way to Learn the Basics

“Like any other tutorial made by Dendi, DensiTY is an excellent and simple way to learn all the basics of Dota 2 quickly and effectively. Many people say that it doesn’t explain anything, but I just don’t see the point in doing it manually when there are tutorials which are better than it. DendiTV just tells you how to play, not explain everything about it.” – TheDotA2Alliance

3. How to Play Dota 2 – Basic Tutorial

“This tutorial is a perfect example of why a beginner should never let the ‘I can do it’ syndrome get in the way. In this tutorial the creator gives you an insight into how he plays and from there you can work out how you want to play yourself. This should teach any new player enough to get started.” – DCJ

4. Dota 2: Take Your First Steps Through Some Very Easy Tips!

“This video is still going strong despite the edits that have been forced on it by Valve. It’s a perfect example of how a tutorial should be presented. Clear explanations, concise and to the point.” – David

5. How To Play Dota 2 – The Basics

“With his mod, he makes you aware of all the basics of Dota 2 using common sense. He really explains all the important things that you need to know to play iceicebaby’s Baby.” – Anonymous (user Belokitty)

6. Dota 2: Why First Pick Is Not The Best Pick

“The creator of this tutorial tries very hard in explaining every aspect of the game. He really tries to put a smile on your face and introduce you to Dota 2. Put simply, anyone with enough sense and patience can play like this. This tutorial will help you to improve your skills because you’ll be playing a lot like the creator and it’s really important that you know how things are done properly.” – Anonymous (user Fir3)

7. 5 Common Problem For Beginners – Dota 2 How To Play Guide

“This tutorial is great for those who want to understand why they should pick different heroes in different situations. It’s not just about heroes; it also talks about why you should always check your mini-map, why you can’t rush and all the things that you need to be aware of when playing a new game.” – Anonymous (user ArtOfGame)

8. How To Play Dota 2: The First Steps

“He expounds very much on how to play the game. He sometimes repeats himself but he does it really briefly. He is funny and I like this because it makes you want to play with him. This tutorial is amazing for beginners because the creator is clearly an expert at what he does.” – Anonymous (user Lolight)

9. The Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: The Basics

“This really is an amazing tutorial for the beginner level. It teaches you how to start off and get into the game and how to play using a standard build order. You really need this tutorial if you want to learn Dota 2.” – Anonymous (user TairenSoul)

10. How To Play Dota 2: HOTDota!

“The creator tempts you with a very good Tutorial, which he continues on his website, by making it easier for you to learn the game in a more comfortable way. He breaks down all the information in steps, so that it is easier than watching a whole video of which I’ve watched several times already. The Tutorials are really good, you can download them to your PC and print them out, so it’s even better.” – Anonymous (user M4DMAX)

11. Dota 2: A Personal Guide by Dendi

“This is an amazing tutorial for Dota 2 because the creator tells you a lot about the game. He shows you how to play the game and tells you what items to buy and suggests heroes from time to time. This is a very good tutorial for beginners and those who have been playing for some time.” – Anonymous (user Jabo)


Some people have said that these videos aren’t the most helpful but honestly, I’m not so sure. The audio/video quality is sometimes subpar, there are some jokes that might pass you by if they aren’t in your native language and some names and terms might have changed since the video was done. Having said that though, these tutorials will still help you with the basics and since it’s a MOBA, pretty much all the basic techniques are transferable from one game to another – especially because most of them are clones or adaptations of each other. Enjoy!


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