Top 10 Op Characters In Video Games.


So today, we’re discussing some of the more memorable OP characters we’ve encountered over the years and how these buffed up individuals have made or broken their games. This is our list of the top 10 Most OP Characters in Video Games. 

10 Thanos 

The marketing geniuses at Marvel teamed up with Fortnite to bring players an Avengers Infinity War mash-up limited-time event that had players going wild. The mash-up presented a new type of battle royale mode where players are all gunning for the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos is a powerful character just like Mesa prime built in Warframe.

Whoever gets their hands on it becomes Thanos, who, while he can’t wield guys, has some massive power upgrades, becoming almost invincible; you don’t quite have the same powers as Thanos does in the films with the Infinity Gauntlet – that would be way too overpowered – but it still takes multiple attacks by multiple players on you to take you out, adding a new interesting everyone vs. Thanos dynamic to the battle royale game. 

9 Pyramid Head 

Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head is perhaps one of the terrifying foes to come out of a Silent Hill game. Which is saying a lot since the series is pretty darn horrific, to begin with. Pyramid Head is the representation of the desire to be punished for protagonist James Sunderland – punished for his wife Mary’s death – and poses a threat not only through physical means – you encounter him three times, with the last time having two pyramid heads to face, and the final fight is time-based, with a cut scene signaling its end rather than you successfully killing them – instead, they commit suicide. 

8 Bayonetta 

Bayonetta is the protagonist of her self titled hack and slash action-adventure game series. Controlling her gives you the ability to destroy enemies with powerful long-ranged and melee attacks, complex strings of bombs, and torture attacks, where you can summon the likes of chainsaws and iron maidens to take out your foes. She also has a Witch Time move that temporarily slows time for you to inflict a TON of counter damage. She also once punched God. It’s also one of the best funny steam names.

7 Brigitte

Overwatch is a game that constantly fluctuates in terms of which characters are OP, and often, which ones are nerfed, much to many fans’ disapproval. In a game so dynamic as Overwatch, though, nerfing and buffing characters is an essential process if the game will remain balanced, and ultimately, fun. In the past year, there’s been back and forth online about characters like Mercy and Junkrat being nerfed and whether or not that was necessary, but these days, the latest chart. Still, under the microscope is Brigitte,a brand new character to enter the fray and enter completely un-nerfed. Expect that to change pretty darn soon though.  

6 Doomguy – D, oom Doomguy

The name that has been given to the protagonist you play in the Doom franchise, is a big badass. He’s a one-person army, fighting back hordes upon hordes of demons. A silent space marine who is meant to represent the player itself, Doomguy is bent on getting rid of demons and simply that – minimalistic but ever so potent in the way that he eliminates the demonic threats, which he’s entirely capable of doing so solo. 

5 Galen Marek 

There’s a reason why Galen Marek is known as the Starkiller. Galen is from Star Wars The Force Unleashed and is Darth Vader’s apprentice, who just so happens to be wickedly strong – during the game, he stands up to not only Vader but to Darth Sidious and proves to be a serious threat to both. His abilities go beyond being able to wield a lightsaber or engage in combat like a pro – he’s so in touch with the Force that he can use it to pull Star Destroyers out of the sky, hence the nickname. 

4 Dracula 

Dracula is a constant in the Castlevania franchise. As the series primary series, most games often revolve around working your way through his castle, leading up to the ultimate boss battle against him. Forced into madness after his first wife’s death, he us to build wife’s death fortress and an army of dark creatures, constantly resurrecting until he is killed in 1999 by the last descendant of the Belmont family. Dracula’s powers have quite the reach – at times, it seems as if there isn’t anything he CAN’T do, especially when you consider obstacles you must face doing the big bad. 

3 Arceus 

Pokemon Part of the strategy that goes into playing a Pokemon game knows how to play certain Pokemon types against one another in battle. Why It’s idling, a balanced team, is so important. Then a Pokemon like Arceus comes along and completely skews that logic – Arceus may not be the strongest Pokemon out there, but it’s arguably the most powerful when used intelligently. The Pokemon equivalent to a god, the great creature, has to have been responsible for the co-creation, which is a pretty big deal. It can change its type when using its Multitype ability; a massive game-changer in any battle escape from tarkov hacks

2 Asura 

Asura’s Wrath As Asura, you play as a demigod, seeking revenge against other demigods. And every single battle in this game is of epic proportions. While Asura’s Wrath is considered to be an interactive anime with quick-time button prompts mixed in with third-person combat, that lack of full control over the battles you engage in doesn’t take away from the sheer immensity of Asura’s abilities – the character lies, comes back, didies again comes BACK AGAIN and then SLAUGHTERS the demigods who have betrayed him. Talk about persistence. Slaughtering gods isn’t only Asura’s game, though – it’s something our next number is more than familiar with- 

1 Kratos   

Kratos’ track record is pretty insane. Another character hailing from a hack and slash series, Kratos, named after a figure in Greek mythology who is the personification of authority, has a laundry list of dead deities that no one can compete with. He’s killed almost every single Olympian and Greek mythological figure you can think of, including the likes of Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Hercules, Cronos, Hera, and Zeus. 

While his days of vengeance have dissipated in the latest God of War game, Kratos, now a father, finds himself facing a whole new slew of gods and monsters from Norse mythology, only to prove that the ghost of Sparta is by far the ultimate god slayer. And that’s a tough title to beat. There we have it, friends! Which of these characters do you feel is the most OP-ed? And what other ones do you think we should have included on this list? Let us know in those comments!


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