Top 5 Bavarian Foods You Must Try

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Bavarian food is delicious, rich in flavor, and heartwarming. The medieval styles of cooking form the basis of many Bavarian food meals. However, other players like Charlemagne also influenced this cooking style.

The cuisine has a long and rich history and has now been accepted as a great cooking style in Germany and other parts of the world. Whether you are in Germany or at a restaurant that serves Bavarian cuisines, here are the top five foods you must try.

#1. Pretzels

A lot of restaurants have imitated the original pretzel. That is why you can easily find them at the movie theater or gate malls. Most times, they have cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. However, these aren’t the original pretzels. In fact, they are simply doughnuts that are a class above.

The real pretzels have a bravado twist and some salt added. They are not served on paper sleeves. Instead, restaurants that know their value serve them in wooden baskets along with beer and grunt. Simply get yourself one, and you’ll wonder why you have never tried them sooner.

#2. Agnes Bernauer Torte

If you are a cake lover, you must try this Bavarian cake. It has coffee buttercream fillings and includes various almond meringue discs. The cream fills the well-made almond flakes. Then, on top of it, bakers add a cream coating layer and more roasted almonds to add flavor and taste.

The cake was designed to honor Agnes Bernauer, who was drowned at Danube River by Duke Albert II’s father, Duke Ernst. Besides the dessert, the tragic death of Agnes also inspired other various things like the Die Bernauerin musical.

#3. Weisswurst

It is also known as white sausage or German Weisswurst. The sausage first came to be in 1857 during the Munich Fasching Festival. And up to today, it is still among the top-selling Bavaria meat products. This boiled sausage consists of veal, bacon, and Weisswurst seasonings.

Usually, you get it in pairs, and you shouldn’t eat its casing. Instead, you should slice its skin to see the contents inside or if you are a traditionalist, suck the meat through the end of the sausage.

#4. Schweinshaxe

Schweinshaxe is a popular dish in Bavaria, Germany. Although made from roasted pig, this dish is delicious and among the best Bavarian foods.

The Schweinshaxe has a meat skin on the outside, forming a tasty pork rind. Then the inside is made of soft tender meat to appeal to your taste glands. The dish is served with a big potato that weighs between 5-10 pounds.

Many people might choose to ignore the potato. But, it is there to help you soak the pork juice on your served plate. Scahewinsaxe is mostly served with a knife sticking from the pork.

#5. Flädle

Lastly, we have this dish for pancake lovers. It contains the same ingredients used for making other pancake types, including flour, milk, eggs, sugar, salt, and water.

The batter is made to a thin consistency and poured into a greased pan, then cooked on all sides. The result is around the delicious pancakes.

Previously, people used to add fine herbs like parsley and chervil, along with pepper and salt seasoning. Then use the pancakes to make the flädlesuppe soup by adding them to beef or vegetable broth.

Final Thoughts

There are many dishes from this region that you can try. Our list only incorporated a few. So check out what the restaurant offers and enjoy your Bavarian cuisine.


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