Top 5 Benefits of Using Vape


Almost everybody knows the health risks caused by smoking. It is one of the most dangerous things you can do for your health and is one of the leading causes of death. Smokers are always recommended to quit, and most of them like to kick out that habit for good.

However, what many don’t know is how e-cigarettes or vape can be used to quit smoking, as well as doing it safely. There are a few benefits of quitting smoking and shifting to e-cigarettes, and here are some of them.

Considerably Better for Your Health

There is a lot of wrong news about vaping rounding on the internet. To everyone’s knowledge, vaping is approximately 95% better for your health compared to smoking. Aside from that, its effectiveness as quitting aid shows you are likely to succeed in cutting down, which is the best benefit of all.

E-liquids have far fewer chemical contents than cigarette smoke. They don’t remain in the body, unlike when you smoke, where tar in the lungs stays. Those who do the shift from smoking to vaping see great benefits to their health like lower blood pressure, improved immune function, easier breathing, improved taste and smell sensitivity, and better lung function. All these in just a matter of a month.

Vaping is Cheaper than Smoking

Estimates reveal that using 20 cigarettes daily will cost you on average of almost AUD4000 a year. This, of course, can vary to everyone depending on the type of cigarette you smoke, where do you buy and any other factors. Yet, this is somehow a good approximation for an average smoker.

Note that there are more upfront costs in vaping compared to smoking, where you need to buy e-cigarettes and any other accessories for you to get started. But in the long run, it is way cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. For a beginner vaping device, it may cost about AUD30 upfront, and batteries, accessories and replacement coils will cost you about UAD90per year. Bulk purchase cab even lessens the cost more. 

Even if you happen to be a heavy vaper, you won’t throw as much as AUD4000 a year, unlike in smoking.

E-Cigarettes Are Effective Aid to Quit Smoking for Good

There are many reasons why vape is very effective in helping smokers to quit. The nicotine rush is just a part of the overall experience. Vaping satisfies a lot of physical carvings and habits that you build up without knowing over the months or years of smoking tobacco. Many smokers are struggling with how to find something to do when they start quitting – vaping gives you that. Vaping lets you continue the social aspect of smoking without keeping the danger in your health.

Second-hand Vapour Is Not As Harmful As Second-hand Smoke

For years of study, it has been known that the impacts of second-hand smoke are incredibly dangerous not just to smokers but more especially to the people around them. The smoke contains over 7000 chemicals and about 70 known cancer-causing ingredients. It can increase heart disease, strokes and lung cancer risks.

On the other hand, vaping does not show similar risks when inhaling second-hand vapour because it evaporates quickly, which makes it safer for the people around you.

Vapour Doesn’t Linger

Studies show that the vapour exhaled by vape-users break down in a matter of seconds without compromising the quality of air, even in a room with poor ventilation. Smokes on cigarettes, however, can last for over 30 minutes.

These are just a few among the benefits of using vape compared to smoking cigarettes. What’s best is that you can shift to it if you want to quit smoking for good.


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