Top 9 Instagram Tools I Should Use

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Over the years, Instagram is the best and supreme social media platform. This social media website has more than eight hundred million active users every month. With the increasing number of users, Instagram has also become one of the chief platforms for social media marketing. As a result of this, several Instagram tools are also seen, which would help plan an Instagram marketing strategy. Many digital marketing courses in India have also included the module of Instagram tools in their course structure as they are essential. 

While trying to build your business through Instagram, you might have wondered sometimes how do I grow my business through Instagram Marketing. Therefore, in this article, we have made a list of all the best Instagram tool for 2022. These are a few of the fantastic tools you can use for social media marketing. These tools will help you to post the best content on your Instagram feed, engage your Instagram follower through Instagram marketing. You can easily boost your social media account. If you are someone who manages multiple Instagram accounts, these tools will also make it easier for you to study Instagram analytics, Instagram insights and demographics and help you get the best results. 

Let us now see the number of tools and apps included in the list of the top Instagram tools I should use – 

Instagram apps for Stories and Reels

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WonderShare Filmora Go: For creating Instagram reels:

Filmora Go is the best Instagram tool for any content creator or Instagram influencer. Reels are the new video form of Instagram videos where one can simply look at videos one minute long by swiping upwards. It is one of the most engaging for of content on this social media platform. You can now run campaigns to promote Instagram ads on reels. But one needs to have right tools for creating this video content. 

WonderShare Filmora Go is the best tool one must use for creating content.

Later: For Scheduling your Instagram Stories 

One of the things you must do to build the Traffic of your Instagram profile is to post regularly. More activity in your profile means more views. With the help of this app, you can plan your social media calendar. Later is one such app with the help of which you can schedule your stories to be uploaded at a specific time. 

It is one of the best Instagram tools free for your use. It makes sure that you are consistent and that your followers are getting some content from you regularly. Just drag your stories and drop them in the storyboard, arrange them the way you want, add some captions or stories you want and set a time. When the time comes, you will get a notification, thus making posting the status even easier.

Instagram apps for Photos and Videos 

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InShot: Editing the Background of your Photos and Videos, Resizing them Accordingly 

How many times have you decided to post a video but could not because it did not fit the size of Instagram? In times like these, InShot has helped to resize the videos, thus making its place in the Top 10 Instagram Tools I Should I use. The specialty of this tool is that it helps you cut the videos to fit the size of Instagram posts. All you have to do is select the right size and then cut the video to fit it.

You can also change aspect ratios and choose a size so that the video fits in your Instagram stories or Reels. This tool also allows you to choose plain and coloured backgrounds for your photos or videos. As a result of this, none of your videos ever go to waste because this app will give you the option to share it just the way you want. The tool is so helpful that it can even be considered the best Instagram tool 2021.

Instasize: Photo and Video Editor 


To grow your brand’s social performance, you must stay up-to-date with your Instagram feed. If you wonder which top 10 Instagram tools I should use, opt for Instasize. It has proven to be one of the best tools to help you elevate your feed. 

This app is available on both Android and iOS, and every social media marketing executive has used this at least once. It helps you edit your photos in detail by paying attention to every little thing. Not many people have time to edit every aspect of their picture, but this app offers more than 130 professional filters. So, you have a long list of filters to choose from, and one of them will surely fit the type you want.

Boomerang: Video Editing Tool 


A new type of creative video, also called Boomerangs, has significantly impacted social media platforms. Boomerangs have become an essential part of Instagram as they are known to appeal to the Instagram user.  All the Instagram influencers or Instagram marketer must have used this tool at least once. A lot of user generated content is created using this tool as it is an elite way of posting on your Instagram feed.

The Instagram content of this type are one-second-long videos. There isn’t much preparation needed to shoot these videos. They are audio free, and no dialogues are needed. All you need to do is capture some exciting moments, some behind the scenes, or something to show off your product. These are the kinds of videos that stand by the saying that ‘Even a second can make a difference’.

Instagram apps for Optimizing Traffic 


Instagram Feed WD

Another one of the top 10 Instagram tools should I use is the Instagram Feed WD app. It is the app that helps you with understanding your feed. With the help of this app, you can bring in users and Instagram feeds, which are based on hash-tags. This Instagram marketing tool will also help you with hashtags as it has a hashtag generator. You can use the hashtag in an Instagram story. One must use hashtags in posts of Instagram and Instagram Story as it boost your Instagram marketing efforts.

It is one of the best apps for Instagram as it allows you to use beautiful layouts, such as thumbnail, browser, blog style and Masonry. Even the feeds are displayed after passing through a filter, hash-tag, description, and a media link. Some of the other features of this tool are – customizable themes, sorting, social sharing buttons and more transition effects.


Combin is one such Instagram tool that is made to attract more audiences based on the page’s content. It comes with some compelling search options which allow you to find posts and accounts based on location, hash-tag, followers and comments. This 

This app also lets you perform more than one action at a time. You can use this for liking, commenting, following and unfollowing too. You can also comment from multiple accounts and can use different text fonts. Scheduling posts and stories are also one of the functions of this app. All these five functions are free for the users. However, there is a premium version of this app for more advanced users.

Instagram apps for Engagement and Follower Demographics



Iconosquare is an Instagram tool brings you social media management with data analytics. This app is mainly used for social media management, allowing the users to get information on their followers, how much they engage, social insight and hash-tag analysis. The primary use of this app is to understand the trends. If you use Iconosquare properly, it can help with the Instagram growth of your business.

It is the best tool for Instagram analytics. This Instagram analytics tool will give you all the reports of your Instagram growth, which Instagram content is useful, which Instagram hashtags are useful, is your Instagram presence affecting people, which Instagram Reels are working, growth rate of Instagram followers, which Instagram post is working the best and many more.



The last one on the list is the app that focuses on the growth of the followers and their engagement studies. Kicksta is one such Instagram tools follower’s app that has helped more than ten thousand agencies and brands to grow on the platform. When you sign in with this app, it offers a proper list of your competitor brands and influencers, whose followers will be your targeted audience. The tool then auto-engages in the posts of those accounts and likes them for you, resulting in organic growth.


Using these Instagram apps and tools isn’t the easiest. There are a lot of social media marketing courses in India and Instagram courses in India, which helps you understand the algorithm in much detail. However, once you enroll in a course and understand the importance of these tools, you can easily open your social media marketing agency in India. 


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