Top Ways to Compare Auto Refinancing Rates

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alexander mils lCPhGxs7pww unsplash

Car loans have three main components. They include the dollar amount, interest rate, and duration of payment. The amount you require to finance the vehicle’s purchase makes up the dollar amount; the interest is determined by your credit score, while the duration is defined by your ability to pay up.

Whether you are taking up a new loan or refinancing an existing loan, you must comparison-shop and compare which combination of these three factors will work well with your budget. Before signing up the loan documents, it’s essential to consider all your options and know what you are getting yourself into.

It is challenging to narrow down a lender offering the best auto loan rates. this is because salespeople and dealerships will always try to up-sell you on the warranties and contracts.

We have put together a guide that, once reviewed, will guide you on how best to compare auto refinancing rates.

1. Tick All the Essential Car Loan Checklist

While refinancing an existing car loan, it’s critical to first go to the bank. Your credit union will always give you a better loan rate than dealerships. The next stop should be licensed car dealers. Many dealerships have their own financial institutions that will offer you a loan at a reasonable rate.

By comparing the information, you have gathered at the bank and the dealerships’ financial institutions, it becomes easy to determine which institution will offer you the best car refinancing rates.

2. Get Quotes from Different Auto Lenders

To determine which auto lenders will offer you the best refinancing rate, it’s critical to conduct a rate shopping where within 14 days, you should apply to different lenders, starting with those with low-interest rates. You must also look out for lenders with add-ons and other additional features to their rates and determine if they make sense to you.

3. Compare the Loan Costs and Features Using A Spreadsheet

To find the best rates, you must consider the lowest offer and the loan features. These features are essential because they will not only save you time but will elongate your loan terms.

To find the best-rated refinancing loan, you must prepare a spreadsheet where you will gather information from different lenders on their loan’s interest rate and APR, length of their loans, additional loan costs, the documentation fees, and the convenience features.

Using the spreadsheet, the best-rated auto refinancing loan will have a lower interest rate, leading to lower total loan cost and a longer loan term that culminates into a lower monthly payment.

4. Make A Comprehensive Cost Comparison

While making a comprehensive cost comparison will not give you the exact cost of the loan, it will provide you with the general idea of the loan cost from each lender. To get the best-rated auto refinancing loan, consider the lender with the most competitive interest rates and fees; easy access to your payment and balance information, has convenient features and benefits, flexible support and contact options, and reasonable costs rescheduling option.

If you plan on repaying your auto loan early, it’s critical that when comparing loans, you should seek one without prepayment penalties.

Finding the Best Auto Loan Rates

According to Lantern by SoFi, “The goal of auto loan refinancing is to secure a new loan with better rates or terms than your previous loan” Following this guide, you can now compare auto refinancing rates and refinancing offers. This will assist you in finding the best-rated refinancing loan that suits your needs.


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