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Finding a job can be stressful, hard and challenging and I know about dynata phone call. It is the most terrifying thing you will ever do in your life if you’re not happy with your current situation. The panic sets in when you reach what seems to be the final stages of your hunt – you’re finally starting to get responses from companies that say they would like to meet with you for an interview and have found out that there are many others who are also interested and being considered as well. Not only has it gotten harder, but it’s also one of those situations where even if they wanted or needed someone right away, their offer will be subject to another candidate dropping out or somebody else getting hired first.

1. You get a call from your friend or relative who says, “Hey, I know this job you were looking for and it’s opening up this week. They just called me because they wanted to see if I knew anyone who might be interested in applying.” This makes you feel like fate has stepped in and the stars have aligned for you. You begin to wonder, “Is this really happening? Am I still dreaming? How did they even know that I was looking?”

2. You think back to all the times you’ve applied online and through newspaper advertisements, as well as all of the time you’ve spent on social media trying to make friends with people who work at companies in your field of interest or those that are related somehow. Now you realize how many people must see these posts and what a great network you have.

3. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends, but it’s also a first-class job search networking tool. You post your resume on your profile and send it out to all of your friends who work at companies that interest you or that are related in some way. You then ask anyone who shows an interest if they can pass it along to their HR department, give them your contact information, or send the link to their hiring manager’s inbox directly.

4. You make sure that your cover letter is concise and includes everything about you that applies for this job. You construct it so that it sounds as if you are the ideal person for the job and not just a person who applied. You make sure to include phrases like “I am seeking opportunities that align with my skills, interests and future goals.” And, “My resume speaks for itself, but if necessary, I can provide you with examples of some of my work or provide references.”

5. You get an interview request and are very excited. It’s a big step in getting a new job or even an extension on your current job since you’ve been out of work for such a long time. You hurry over to your computer to answer any questions they may have. You answer them quickly, but all of a sudden your computer clicks and it begins to say that there is an error. You click away and try again, but the same thing happens every single time. Finally, you are able to get in and find that there is a message from the job interviewer asking you to call back later.

6. You receive an email with your application on it that includes a PDF attachment with “Confidential company information” in the subject line. Your heart sinks when you open the attachment, but after reading the email from the hiring manager, you discover that it’s an “Information Authorization” form. You begin to worry that this is a scam or perhaps a reverse pyramid marketing scheme where they’ll be able to sell your contact information on one of their other websites.

7. You finally get up the nerve to send out a cover letter, resume and a job application along with your list of references by email. It takes several hours for them to come back and tell you that they received everything and they want to know if you’d like to do an interview with them.

8. Your cover letter arrives in the designated department who sends it off to your manager, but you never hear anything more about it. Another week passes, and then another. You’re starting to get worried and feel like you’ll be forgotten, so you decide to call the hiring manager’s office to ask them where they are. They tell you they’ve received all of the applications and they’re beginning their review process. Your heart sinks because what if this is a scam? What if they don’t even have a job for me now that all of my other potential employers have passed on me?

9. You receive an email from your friend saying, “Another opportunity opened up at this great company! They asked me to send along your information and let them know that you are interested. I would love to hear back from you!” You are thrilled that they’ve gotten the job and want to rush over to their office and make sure they don’t miss you on their way out the door, but when you call them, you find out that they have already hired someone else. It’s hard not to be disappointed or even angry. You feel like this was supposed to be the job that was going to change everything for you, but instead it just ends up being one more disappointment in a long string of disappointments.


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