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This post is intended to be a live blog of the Republican debate. It will give you an idea of the important points, with each point summarized by what was said. 

NPR Liveblogger: “Ben Carson was one of the first candidates on stage Thursday night, 

according to NPR’s Ron Elving.” 

He says that there are major problems in America and we need to lift people up. 

Ben Carson does not represent himself as a politician but as someone who has lived this life… 

He discusses how he grew up in Detroit living with his mother without any father present. 

They were living on food stamps under bridges with rats and roaches. Ben Carson is saying that he wants to make America as great as it can be. 

MICHELLE BERNARD: He started out with a lot of good points about hope and the future, 

but I think he lost me when he hit his whole line about “what country am I living in?” That to me seemed like it was pandering to the FOX audience…

Carson emphasizes that he has spent his life serving others. He starts talking about his faith, 

and how God got him through medical school. He says the brain is complex just like the human body, 

and there are still many things we don’t understand. 

BREAKING NEWS: Carson gave a complicated medical explanation of the human brain to the audience.

MICHELLE BERNARD: He started to talk about his faith and I thought that if Mike Huckabee were on stage, 

he could have knocked him out with those kinds of religious statements…

 I’m not sure what Carson was trying to do… He didn’t seem as comfortable as other candidates on stage. 

He says he became a scholar at Yale and Oxford, and went back to Detroit to be a doctor. 

At the time, there was no healthcare for many people in the city. He talks about the work he did, 

and how he didn’t want people to be “dumped” and not taken care of. He says there were many people who had no place to go and this was his business. 

In the middle of all this talk about healthcare, Ben Carson says that he wants everyone to have healthcare. 

He says that if you don’t have health insurance then you are a victim, and that victims should not be victims.

 In today’s society, Carson is saying that it is better for people to be cared for than for them to die. 

He says the reason we have so many problems in America is because we have been disconnected from who we really are as a nation.

 “We should be a country that teaches people morals and values, not a place where billionaires pay for things for others.”

MICHELLE BERNARD: I’m starting to get a little bit uncomfortable with changes in his tone from being very serious to being very emotional…

 Before, he was talking about the brain and now he’s talking about his family… In my mind, I am thinking, “Does he have another story?” Is this all just an act? 

MICHELLE BERNARD: I didn’t think that Ben Carson came across as someone you could trust. 

He looked thoughtful but if you were going into a meeting with him, there would be no guarantee you were going to be okay.

talks about the people who said America was too small to be great, and he says he does not believe that. 

He says America can be great if we choose to be.

MICHELLE BERNARD: Carson said that he is ready for the job, but I guess I’m wondering if there is something bigger that may come up in his life. 

BRYAN BURNS  – “Ben Carson has found himself at odds with many of his fellow Republicans… 

But his voice carries a distinct clarity and purposefulness.” 

He wants to make sure our children are safe and out of harms way. He is here to serve all citizens of this nation. live blogging republican debate

He says we need to make sure everyone is great. Carson says that he wants to make sure our 

children are safe and out of harms way. He is here to serve all citizens of this nation. 

MICHELLE BERNARD: It’s interesting that he brought up the idea that he wanted to create a diverse cabinet-

-with a bunch of brains, but it seemed like a strange thing given the state of the nation right now given how diverse it already is..

. If we don’t have diversity now, we will not be competitive in the global market… I don’t think 

Carson brought much to this debate except for maybe making people feel good about themselves, 

and hopefully getting people out to vote for him.

He says that we need to “get back to the basics of education.” Carson says that there are many people 


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