Use of Over Lock and Pico Machine


There are different types of machines which can be used in different workplaces. A lot of variety available in machines. With the use of machines it is the most important thing that u should know about its strategy, function and usage. If you should not properly know u can get in trouble.  Manufacturers of different companies can design different styles of machine.  When they introduce new technology or machines they can provide booklets and complete information regarding this machine. Every machine needs proper care and precautions. For the best usage of a machine u must know about its information. Every machine has its own strategies. Companies make machines for humans to make their life easy and they can enjoy their life when they save their time. Many companies used different technologies in development of machines. If we know about the latest technology of machines we can do better for the development of the country. Machines can play an important role in the economic development of a country. In Pakistan there are lots of factories and textile industries where they can stitch clothes with sewing machines and Overlock machines. First we discussed what an over lock machine is. An over lock is a kind of stitch that sews over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for edging, hemming, or seaming. These machines are very useful and used in factories and tailors. Many companies can manufacture typical overlock machines in Pakistan. Like singer machines, united machines, AL- Jabbar machinery these companies made Overlock machines.  These typical industrial Overlock machines are also used in industries for clothes edging.  The over lock machines are also called Sergers.  These sergers are also used in factories and all over the world. Many industries also used Overlock machines which work with great efficiency. The over lock machine can be used to sew a large variety of items from napkins to sports wear and diaperies.   Sewing items like t-shirts or jogging shirts can be over locked in minutes. Overlock sewing machines are special machines. We can see that in Pakistan an amazing variety of dupatta can be worn by women. There are different kinds of dupatta used by women.. Mostly women can wear dupatta in different ways. There are different fabrics and designs available in dupatta. Women can wear dupatta with salwar kameez, lehenga, sharara. Every woman carries a dupatta in a different style. In old times only plain dupatta but with the development of time and trend changes in the fashion industry there are many colours and the design of dupatta changed accordingly.. Although to make their dupatta attractive they can design different types of pico. A lot of people can work through pico machines. Usually, pico machine price in Pakistan can be dependent on the selection of that type of machine you can use during the process of pico.  With the development of time there are an amazing variety of pico machines available in the market.  Although pico and Overlock machine prices in Pakistan can be available at reasonable prices. . The most important thing before purchasing a sewing or overlock machine is what is the difference between an overlock machine and a sewing machine. Overlock machines and sewing machines are different. Some functions are the same as overlock machines and sewing machines. Overlock machines can perform some functions which are similar to sewing machines but all functions are not the same. For the kits of machines you can always consider to buy sewing and overlock machines. Overlock machines are also known as serger. It is used to cut edges from cloth and make them look more beautiful. An overlock machine can work by joining cloth edges to give a professional look. Overlock machines have loopers. These loopers loop the thread on the edge of fabric. These machines also have blades to cut the edges.  These blades can work as a cutter in overlock machines. There are different designers which can design and stitch their dresses from tailor. These tailor can use an overlock machine to give finishing to dress. Although mostly boys can wear jeans to fit their jeans they can overclock it. The overlock machine can trim the thread to give a beautiful look for dress.  There are different designers which can design and stitch their dresses from tailor.


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