Want a Career in Athletes? Make This Your Secret Weapon


If you’re a competitive athlete or someone looking to get into the sport, you know how hard it is to break into the industry. You may not have a college degree or experience playing sports professionally, but there are plenty of opportunities for people just like you who have dreams of being in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or other major leagues. Professional athletes perform better before an audience than when alone. This best illustrates Birds of a feather flock together.

However, sports organizations place so much value on talent and experience that even if you’ve been playing your sport since elementary school and can show everyone at your tryouts that you play with speed and passion, they may still overlook you.

1. Be a How-To Guide

If you want to be in the spotlight, you need to start with a goal and a plan. Whether you want to be drafted into the NFL or just be able to play at the highest level of your sport, there’s no way around it: You’re going to have to work hard. That doesn’t mean that you can’t learn any tricks of the trade along the way.

That’s exactly what one football player did when he created a how-to guide on how his team could score more points on offense. He included tips and tricks that he saw other players doing on YouTube videos, which helped him get noticed by coaches from other teams and scouts from professional franchises.

To make the plan work, this player (who goes by the username “CrazyLinesFan”) included his team’s offensive plays, along with the number of plays they ran during the season. He even included charts that assessed each play’s success or failure based on which parts of the field he was able to get open in order to score.

This is how he got his chance.

2. Know Your Why

The most important part of any plan is to know your reason for wanting what you want. If you were just released from prison and want to play in the NFL, knowing why you want it will help you push through difficult times—and it will also make sure that your dreams don’t come back to haunt you. If it turns out that your idea of success doesn’t match your vision, you could fall back into the dangers you’ve tried so hard to avoid.


If you’re unsure of why you want to play football, start with the basics. Maybe you want to be able to work on a team without having to be in front of people, or maybe you simply want the money and fame that comes along with playing. Take a deep look at these reasons and really consider whether they are all that they’re cracked up to be. If not, come up with some new ones and keep yourself motivated through all kinds of weather and adversity.

3. Involve Your Friends

You may have looked online for advice on how to get into sports, but that’s not the way you should look for help. As an athlete, you’re surrounded by mentors who can teach you about your sport and the opportunities it can provide for you. If you want to be in the spotlight, though, it’s important that people who would actually be helping you know what it is that makes you so special. They don’t just need to give you life tips or football plays; they need to know why playing at the highest level of a sport will mean something special and meaningful to them.

If your friends are interested in sports as well, bring them into your plan early on—before it even starts. Make sure that they’re aware of your passion for the sport and how you hope to get there. Let them know what it is about being in the spotlight that excites you and make sure that they understand why that matters to them, too.

4. Be Patient

It can be hard to wait for good things to happen, but if you don’t give yourself enough time to let your plan come together, it might fall apart before it even starts. That’s why it’s important that you stifle your excitement and take a moment to make sure that this is actually something you want before making any rash decisions.

5. Know Your Dreams

It’s easy to get caught up in the sports hype—especially if you’re a huge sports fan or have been watching your favorite teams on TV your whole life. However, knowing what it is that you actually want will help you keep your emotions in check and get a better perspective on the industry. It may even keep you from making some costly mistakes along the way.

If your plan includes graduating college and playing at the highest level of football, it’s crucial that you know why going to school matters to you. If you’re in the spotlight and want to make money, it’s vital that you know why you want the money. If your goal is to be the best at the sport, there’s no better way to find out just how good you are than training for something as dangerous and competitive as professional sports.


But for all that you’ve done and what your friends have told you and what you know, the truth still remains, a person’s dreams are not always their own. A plan is never more than what it pretends to be. A dream is simply just a dream, until it becomes reality. I guess in that case live by the words of the great Dr. Seuss, “Be who you want to be and do what you want to do.


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