What are sugar stars in candy crush?


What are sugar stars in candy crush?

What are sugar stars in candy crush is something that is given to you when you have completed a level in Candy Crush. When the player has cleared all the chocolate and completes a level, instead of his or her score being given in points, it is awarded with sugar stars which are primarily used as an indicator of one’s progress. These sugar stars are meant to show how close they are to advancing to the next level and represent every move they’ve made during their last game or session.

Sugar stars can also be collected by completing any challenge such as finishing with a certain number of lives left over, playing for at least 30 minutes without using any boosters or skipping levels, etc.

Using the sugar stars:

Players can use their sugar stars to buy charms and charms help them through their game. As you pass levels, you will have to be given a specific number of lives in order to advance. Sugar stars allows players to gain more lives. Players who wish to gain more lives as they go along can take advantage of this opportunity and buy as many as they like for a small amount of money.

Alternatively, players may also opt to pay real money for the purchase but there is no reason why they should because the amount of money that they’ll spend purchasing these levels is only a fraction of what they’d spend if they were using boosters during each game which would last up to an hour or more.

The challenge of collecting stars:

The challenge of obtaining these sugar stars is not an easy task and players have to struggle in order to obtain them. The player is required to play through specific levels that are unlocked after unlocking a particular number of boards. Players who do not manage to complete their level are not rewarded with any sugar stars and this can be a cause for frustration in some cases.

The challenge is so much more daunting when players unlock the harder levels because they are being asked to complete all of the levels without using any boosters which is an impossible task for most players.

Why can stars be frustrating?

It’s very frustrating for players to work hard at completing a level and then not being rewarded with anything. Players have to work their way through the entire level before they can see their score and if they have not managed to complete it, there will be no sugar star reward.

There are also levels that do not earn the player any stars. These are the levels that have monsters to be defeated and when they have been defeated, the player is awarded with a treat such as extra moves or strawberry which is in itself a reward.


The strawberry on its own can be considered as a reward but it’s just too few in numbers and those who have played the game would know that they need more of them in order to do well. They are used to clear their blockers so that they can get their candy and make it down to the bottom of their screen otherwise their candies will simply go out of play.

Levels with strawberry can also be considered as a difficult level to complete because they are not easy to get the strawberries. It’s due to this reason that those who have completed these levels and failed at getting the final answer that they submitted will often feel angry or frustrated with the game and will consider it as a waste of their time. It’s worth noting that buying these sugar stars is only something that you should do if you wish to move up through the levels and increase your score while still progressing in your game. You should not spend real money on buying them because it’s just not worth it in most cases.

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits that players can get from using these sugar stars. First, players will be able to purchase charms which are meant to help them through the game. These charms are very useful when tried out, especially when a player managed to complete a level in the first place and is close to an end of their game. The player can use these charms during the game and it will turn out for good results in most cases.

Second, players can pick up extra moves which is something that will help them out when they’re stuck on a particular level while they’re playing on a particular board or board board and they cannot seem to make it down past them.

Are there any drawbacks?

Sugar star can be very addictive to anyone who is interested in playing candy crush. They are a good addition to the game because they serve many benefits, however, these sugar stars come with their own drawbacks. The first drawback is that it takes a lot of time to collect them so players will have to spend hours and hours trying their best to complete each game and this can be very hard for those who are looking for something quick and easy in the game.


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