What Are The Most Popular Redguard Names?


The Elder Scrolls is a popular role-playing video game series by Bethesda Game Studios. There are five main games and several spin-offs in this game series. If you are not playing The Elder Scrolls games in order, still there is no problem because each game doesn’t have linked. Stories of all games just exist in a similar world. The Elder Scrolls games are available on platforms like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation macOS, Android, iOS, etc. In these games, you can also discover many fabulous character races.

Redguard is also one of the character races in The Elder Scrolls games. The Redguards is a race of dark-skinned humans and they belong from the forgotten continent of Yokuda. Now, they live in the area of Hammerfell. They also have great names. So in this article, you can also find different types of names for Redguard. So check all the details about it below:

Redguard names

If you are a follower of the Redguard character, then you are at the right place. You can give a great name to this character in any of The Elder Scrolls games. We have come up with several lists for the Redguard race. You can just check all the names and then you can select your perfect name as per your choice. 

You can also find names for Redguard for the ESO and Skyrim games. So check the names of this amazing character race below:

Female Redguard names

The female Redguards are experienced warriors in Tamriel. They have a very great personality and they are famous for their fighting skills. The great thing about this race is that they don’t fight in big groups, they just manage to win even in small groups. So we have created a list of the female Redguard names. Check the name ideas below:

  • Enjsa
  • Salmi
  • Tanylia
  • Lairra
  • Aublirah
  • Rieicky Furkt
  • Enjielie M’aldta
  • Dholsey Dhochur
  • Camam F’ollum
  • Aubleen V’ugfa
  • Zarie Nhoctun
  • Eriagonet Gloctsa
  • Rienbamka Nhilder
  • Clesesa Klirgfa
  • Rohsbamka Lhiche
  • Tieh
  • Lu’are
  • Margta
  • Ahlmeer
  • Dulnie
  • Ramola Caeshta
  • Sernie Lhirhtten
  • Tonidsa Thijsa
  • Alusexa Cyirnba
  • Sionina Mhortka
  • Falia Derkke
  • Akoha Flethe
  • Shamannon Blurgca
  • Moninia Stesten
  • Saadre Floghtem

Redguard last names

This character race also has great last names. You can pick one last name from our list that we prepared for all of you. These last names are unique and very cool. So here are the last names for the Redguard race, just have a look:

  • at-Ebdoh
  • at-Amjad
  • at-Ganet
  • at-Gar
  • af-Armin
  • al-Tava
  • Legends
  • Berri
  • Cedmain
  • Sesnit
  • at-Sal
  • at-Wardiya
  • at-Shadal
  • at-Tamina
  • t-Abbas
  • af-Ahmus
  • al-Hllins
  • Al-Hareem
  • al-Azif
  • al-Hallin’s
  • al-Morwha
  • al-Miran
  • Al-Masri
  • al-Myrkwasa
  • t-Mardeen
  • at-Morad
  • af-Nazila
  • af-Hafza
  • at-Nazim
  • at-Marimah
  • at-Naruk
  • at-Ordzan
  • at-Jehat
  • Lemaitre
  • af-Mubdi
  • af-Qerik

Skyrim Redguard names

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open-world video game. It is the fifth main part of The Elder Scrolls game series. You can give a great name to any of the races in this game. So, we have also come up with the Redguard names for the Skyrim game.

If you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and you want to give a name to your Redguard character, then you are at the right place. So you can check the list for Skyrim Redguard names below:

  • Gancol
  • Dandana
  • Silann
  • Ildeanna
  • Domasnn
  • Jartodea
  • Nistac
  • Sadean
  • Vilann
  • Staron
  • Pemeni
  • Torlin
  • Domrgel
  • Baueem
  • Nannem
  • Enniroc
  • Limaolm
  • Orisek
  • Leslwon
  • Orriorter
  • Sasoell
  • Sheean
  • Camas
  • Chark
  • Chrelm
  • Dortodd
  • Dudley
  • Therdon
  • Torline
  • Tralan
  • Trasteve
  • Vilamon
  • Waylas

ESO Redguard names

The Elder Scrolls Online is a multiplayer online game. It is a part of the popular The Elder Scrolls game series. In this game, you can also give a great name to the character race of Redguard. So, we have also come up with the Redguard names for the ESO game. So you can check the list for ESO Redguard names below:

  • Cirnar
  • Baurna
  • Grefiz
  • Hinark
  • Domaok
  • Hickrdon
  • Cirrtis
  • Boldeen
  • Theelan
  • Frini
  • Maeara
  • Umati
  • Tavin
  • Carmba
  • Saymana
  • Owynamon
  • Barrick
  • Curteem
  • Azaola
  • Dortni
  • Rodeithon
  • Hillnado
  • Soscine
  • Grekadal
  • Avitis


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