what coins are manufactured for FFxiv ?

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The coins of FFXIV are used as the main currency for this game. 

They’re not only used to purchase items and gear, but also for some other features in-game like:

A.A. Points: which you can use to purchase items and gear from any NPC vendor in-game that uses an A.A. Points system

The Palace of the Dead: Where you can spend your tomestones (and also some ffxiv gil) to gain access to this bonus dungeon.

I hear there are 2 kinds of coin? one kind is for imperials and another is for republics. is that true?

Here’s a quick explanation of the coin system of the game:

There are two kinds of currency in FFxiv, one is known as “gil” and the other is known as “tomestones”. 

The main difference between tomestones and gil is that,

 Tomestones can be obtained from almost any source and can also be acquired by trading gil to an NPC vendor.

 On the other hand gil can only be obtained by purchasing it with real money (or ffxiv gil), 

which is different from xp (skill points) that can be acquired by trading xp to an NPC vendor.

The Tomestones basically act as the “currency” for The Palace of the Dead

which is also similar to a dungeon where players can spend their tomestones or “gems” 

to gain access to various rewards from various dungeons/quests/events within the game.

 In addition, you can spend your tomestones in-game to gain special effects/rewards from certain quests and events.

The Gil, on the other hand is used as an in-game currency to purchase items and gear with. 

The gil is also used as a main “currency” for the Imperial/Republic Marketplaces.

Where do i spend my gil?

Do note that tomestones or gil can only be used within The Palace of the Dead, and not 

in-game for other purposes.

What are imperial coins and republic coins? What’s their purpose?

Imperial coins are known as EXP coins,

 which you can use to gain access to the more difficult dungeons of Duscae, 

especially those who have completed all main scenario quests (Mog Station, A Fragile Alliance). 

These dungeons can only be accessed by trading the EXP coins to an NPC vendor, 

which also require you to have completed the Main Scenario quests (Mog Station, A fragile Alliance).

On the other hand, Republic coins are known as Protean Coins which can be used in battle against other players to gain access special PvP rewards.

How do i obtain imperial coins and republic coins?

You obtain Imperial/Republic coins from Tomes earned from completing Chapters 10 & 15 of the 

Main Scenario quests. 

Note that only 1 of each coins is rewarded per set of these 2 quests.

What are Tomestones?

You can obtain tomestones through looting, quest rewards, completing dungeons or trading gil to an NPC vendor.

 Each type of tomestone corresponds to a specific type of item in the game, each with their own tiers.

When do i need to use my tomestones? Why are they important?

The main objective behind using your tomestones are based on the fact that each player gains 

1 “A.A. Points” every 6 hours after playing for at least 1 hour. 

Each A.A. Point can also be used to purchase either EXP books (for leveling), gear, mounts, and/or summons with your A.A. 

Points at NPC vendors in-game. Each time you gain or spend A.A. Points is based on your character’s level,

 NOT on the actual amount you consume in A.A.. However, when you gain A.A.,

 the amount of A.A points you require will be based on your current level  

The A.A. Points are reset every 6 hours, however, you can buy A.A. Redeeming Tickets to reset them immediately.

Note that the vendor recipes for consumables are based on the player’s current level,

 NOT on the amount of tomestones they have in their inventory. greedfall coin guard merchandise

So the more tomestones you have, the more recipes you will find available to you when looking at each vendor’s recipe list

A.A Points Obtained from completing chapters of the Main Scenario quests (available at Chapter 10 & 15). 

These are required to purchase Exp books , gear, mounts, and/or summons with your A.A Points at NPC vendors in-game.

Protean Coins obtained by defeating other players in PvP zones. Protean Coins can be used to purchase consumables with various effects.

Tomestones Obtained from any source.

 Once consumed in The Palace of the Dead, tomestones can be used to purchase various items from different vendors.

Gil/gated At the beginning of each day, you will receive a gil amount based on your level and how many hours you have played.


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