What is the Trifling Glyph of Health?


Trifling Glyph of Health is a highly versatile and accessible glyph that features the healthiest-looking fruit and vegetables, rewarding you for healthy eating. It was created by the founder of coursegrass.com, after working on other social media applications like Course Grass.

This contextual website makes it easy for your friends to follow your progress by combining nutrition with a fun game concept and social experience unlike any other. The trifling glyph of health is easy to use, with a simple registration process. The user adds their username and password, as well as other features like the gender. This username is used for the website and for the in-game chat feature. From there, the user can add their favorite items from a selection list, along with adding an avatar image if they wish to do so.


The food selection system has over thirty options including categories like breads and pastas, dairy products and creamers, ice cream groups like frozen yogurt and sorbet groups like low-fat. There are also vegetable selections such as salads and fruits (apples). A wide variety of choices help facilitate a healthy lifestyle for users of all backgrounds. It allows for users to pick foods that their body can digest easily and in a way that does not trigger unnecessary calorie intake.

There is a range of items from which to choose from; from healthy fruits like Oranges and Vegetables like Carrots and Broccoli, to healthier choices like the Regular selection ‘Bread’ selection which includes an option for whole wheat bread. As with all of the healthy selections, they allow you to make better nutrition choices that provide more energy than other food selections. The Glyph of Health is a fun way to gauge your nutrition by using an avatar type character that changes shape based on what you eat. This allows the user to experience both the enthusiasm of fun gameplay, as well as the improved dietary benefits.


Users have a variety of features that they can access by simply clicking the Menu link at the top right of their screen. From here they can view their friends list, look up their progress as well as add friends who are already registered on the site. Users have access to news, events and new features updates as well. There is also a profile link that allows users to see what items they have and hope to achieve in the future.

Users also have access to an email feature, which allows for anyone to send them a note about how much weight they lost using the trifling glyph of health and how inspired you are by his or her progress. There is also a game link that allows users to go into a game world, in which they can play with their friends as avatars.

The trifling glyph of health is easily accessible as well. On all of the five main websites (triflingglyph.com, coursegrass.com and trifling glyphs.co) you can use your email address and password information to log on. By registering, users receive a confirmation email that lets them know that they are now in the system and ready to start playing and tracking healthy choices made by other users around the world.


The trifling glyph of health has many advantages and is particularly advantageous to those who want to lose weight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly one-third of Americans are obese. The Glyph of Health helps motivate users to lose weight, or to keep their current weight within a healthy range by giving them points for the food items that they eat.

The game allows users to have fun while making the right choices for their body. It will also help them to make better decisions because it allows their friends and family members who are registered users on the site and game, to follow along with them as well. This allows users to have fun while making their body healthier, which is a very important step towards overall wellness.

The Glyph of Health is advantageous because it provides the user with a way to track the food they eat. The trifling glyph of health shows them which foods are better for their health and what types of choices they should be making if they want to lose weight. It also allows them to make smarter decisions because it encourages them to be more selective about what items they select for themselves.


Some people view the game as being counter-intuitive, because it provides points for unhealthy ingredients like ice cream and whipped cream, but does not provide points for healthy foods like apples, carrots or salads. It is also difficult to track how much they weigh, because there is no scale or indicator next to the avatar character. This makes it hard for users to determine how much weight they have lost.

Therefore, people need to spend more time and energy tracking their progress on the site. If users do not spend enough time on the website and do not track their decisions carefully enough, then there is a chance that they could lose interest in the glyph of health and may decide that it does not provide them with enough incentive to lose weight.

In addition, the Glyph of Health is not available on social networking sites like Facebook, but it is available on websites like MySpace and Yahoo. As a result, users feel that they have less of an incentive to use this website because it is not as easy to track their progress and see how other people are doing.


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