What Makes McKinley Leather Furniture So Popular?


McKinley Leather Furniture enjoys a top-tier spot among the premier furniture makers in the United States today. Alongside eternally popular names like Thayer Coggin, Wesley Hall, Charleston Forge, and a few more elite names, McKinley Furniture is still one of the manufacturers that produce entirely bench made furniture right here in the U.S., in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

It’s not simply that McKinley Furniture is handmade that makes it so exquisite and popular, however. Besides the fact that their quality is effectively beyond comparison, there are a few unique traits about the company that make it so well regarded. 

For one thing, the uniqueness of their designs is something to appreciate. It can be called a combination of regal, dignified, stately, and irreverent. If McKinley Furniture were only known for a limited number of floor models, it would doubtless still enjoy a wide and positive repute. 

Beyond the fact that there is an objective pleasantry to their designs, it is the fact that they offer so much range of customization that makes their furniture so popular. McKinley Furniture isn’t just made in a wide range of beautiful and elegant designs; they give you the ability to order custom furniture with a wide range of upholstery and leather options to choose from.

They offer a rainbow of offerings in the colors with which they finish their leather furniture, and you can take your pick between a wide range of finishes in addition to color. Whatever you’re trying to match in the room, you can do it with McKinley Leather Furniture. In fact, you can even choose a hair-on-hide for the finish of your seating, if you so choose. 

It would be enough that McKinley Furniture enables you to alter the character of the leather and upholstery themselves with customization, but it doesn’t end with that. A custom order from McKinley is custom from the top down.

In addition to giving you the ability to customize the leather color and finish, you can also customize the hardware that is used to assemble and accent the furniture. Looking for something with bronze nailheads? Do you need something brighter and silver? McKinley makes all of these visions, and more, possible.

Understandably, you can also customize the finish of the exposed wood of McKinley Furniture, with a large range of available colors and wood finishes so your furniture will not only complement itself but also the surrounding setting. Taking it further, McKinley gives you the ability to choose the legs and casters you want to pair with your custom order.

In other words, the popularity of McKinley Furniture hinges largely on the fact that you can effortlessly and endlessly customize their offerings. It’s a refreshing break from the norm of mass-production and furniture that’s largely devoid of personality. 

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