What Size Lock Can Bolt Cutters Cut?

bolt cutters
bolt cutters

If you want to know what size bolt cutters can cut, then this is the article for you. Bolt cutters are an essential tool for anyone working with steel wire. A pair of bolt cutters, sometimes known as side-cutters or diagonal cutting pliers, has two jaws that press opposite each other, biting down on the steel wire and shearing it in two. Depending on the type of bolt cutters home depot and the materials it’s made from, a pair can shear between 300 and 1800 pounds of steel per inch.

Bolt cutters can be used to do a variety of things, such as cut off old, rusty bolts that are in good condition and whose nuts you want to reuse. But it’s important to know more than just what size bolt cutters can cut – you also need to know what they cannot cut.

 The strength of the jaws of a pair of bolt cutters depends on the materials they’re made from. Carbon steel is stronger than stainless steel, which is stronger than tungsten carbide.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the bolt cutter, the stronger its jaws will be and thus the bigger bolts it will be able to bite through. However, for most home DIY projects, a set of bolt cutters with a capacity of 300 pounds per inch will suffice. You’ll only need to get out your big guns if you’re working with high-strength bolts or wires.

In order to find out what size bolt cutters can cut, you must first determine the grade of the material that you’re working with. The terminology used by manufacturers is slightly different from what’s used in common practice, so here are some definitions:

Carbon steel: 

A type of steel alloy containing more than 2% carbon and complemented by other elements such as manganese, silicon and phosphorus. In general, carbon steel has superior strength but is less resistant to corrosion than stainless steel.

Stainless steel: 

Also known as an alloy steel, stainless is a type of steel that has been oxidized with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The chromium in the alloy gives it resistance to corrosion, meaning that it does not rust or corrode. It is also highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and the salt solutions used for cleaning and for degreasing industrial parts. The downside of stainless steel is that it’s less resistant to heat than other types of steels and may develop small-grain properties under high temperatures.

Tungsten carbide: 

A type of super-hard metal that hasn’t been manufactured since 1945, tungsten carbide is used in industrial applications such as cutting tools and electrical contacts. It doesn’t resist heat well, so it’s usually coated with tungsten or cobalt to improve its properties under high temperatures. Tungsten carbide is also used in jewelry – for example, in rings as accent stones or for the bezel of a ring.

Once you know what the material is that you’re working with, you can ask the manufacturer what size bolt cutters to use. This will give you an idea of whether your existing tools can do the job or if you need to invest in a new pair. If your bolt cutter’s jaws are made from carbon steel, for example, you’ll be able to cut through most metals up to 4 inches thick. If your bolt cutter’s jaws are made from stainless steel, on the other hand, it will be able to cut even thicker metal wires.

What Size Lock Can Bolt Cutters Cut?

If you want to know what size bolt cutters can cut and have a pair of bolt cutters but don’t know where to start, a good place to look is on the packet they came in. Usually, every time you buy a new product, the packaging will come with some instructions which includes information about what the products can be used for. 

If you’re unsure what size bolt cutters can cut through your metal surface, look for the maximum thickness of metal the bolt cutter can bite through or the maximum diameter that it can fit. The higher this number is, the better your product will perform when cutting through metals.

Bolt Cutter Strength

If you’re looking for information on bolt cutter strength, then you’ve come to the right place. The strength of bolt cutters is rated by two different measurements: HPTA and MCPU. These measurements determine how much pressure the cutting tool can exert on the metal wire before breaking. 

HPTA stands for “Hand Piece Tested and Rated”, while MCPU stands for “Minute Cutting Performance Under Load”. These two different measurements allow you to determine how strong your bolt cutters are, but only if you know what size bolt cutter to buy.

What Size Bolt Cutter Can Cut through Steel?

Of course, the strength of your bolt cutters depends on the material they’re made from. Listed below are some of the most common materials bolt cutters are made from and how much force they can exert on a surface before breaking.


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