What We Got Wrong About Lebron James Torn Bdh?

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What is Lebron James Torn Bdh?

Lebron James Torn Bdh is a reference to a recent James Harden play. Lebron james tore his Achilles tendon and Harden iced the game with a 3-pointer in his first game back. The meaning of the abbreviation appears to be that no one predicted it would happen like that but we should have because we are all wrong about LeBron James

Here’s what happened:

It was no secret that torn bbh was bad for KD, who had missed 27 games during the previous two seasons. “Torn bbh” refers to an Achilles injury, which is never good news considering how hard it is to come back from one. KD is set to miss at least the next six weeks, which increases the likelihood that he will miss the season opener or more.

That’s where this whole thing started. The chain reaction of events that led to him working with his trainer from high school, who has never worked with an NBA player. It happened after a talk in the locker room following a loss against Detroit, a game in which KD scored 20 points in 27 minutes, telling himself that he needed to try something different to get back into top form. So he reached out to Justin Zormelo and went down to work with him at this high school.


The ZO2s come complete with a $325 price tag. Speaking of the price, KD was shocked at what the market was willing to pay for his sneakers. He expected them to go for $200 and when they reached $400 he almost decided to pull them off the market. The ZO2s are made in China and India, which led to some quality issues with early pairs. So KD’s been working with manufacturing companies this summer in an effort to make sure his next shoe is up to standard before putting it out there.


The first thing you see when you look at the shoes is a clear message. They’re designed to make a statement and that message is “I’m rich and I don’t care what anyone thinks.” The numbers on the side of the shoe might be the tongue in cheek joke we were expecting, but they also hint at the marketing strategy behind this product. It’s not that these are shoes for people who have size 17 feet, it’s that these are for people who want to celebrate their status as an NBA superstar and let everyone know about it.


The point of the story was to show us that KD is willing to change things up because he knows he needs a different approach to get back on track. But when you look at the buyout of Harden, it’s hard to make sense of it all. It’s not like Harden was having a bad year, he was averaging nearly 16 points and four assists per game. But you have to wonder if his style of play doesn’t fit in with what KD wants from his players. Of course, there’s always the chance that KD simply saw an opportunity for an endorsement deal and took it with both feet.


My guess is that you won’t see KD wearing these shoes very often, if at all. As he said in the piece, he’s got his eyes on a different style of shoe and it would be easy to assume that these ones were just a one-off deal. On the other hand, it only takes one major endorsement deal to make these financially worthwhile. And if we’ve learned one thing from this article, it’s that there’s nothing like time to change our minds about someone or something.  As of September 4th, there has been no official comment from Nike, James Harden or I. The shoe does not currently have a ‘buyout clause’ in it’s contract for $35 million, which according to a source close to Harden himself is not the case with this shoe.


$325 for the shoes

$4.99 shipping and handling

$33.99 for ground shipping in US

$79.99 express shipping in US

Miles Tiller/19 year old Kentucky basketball player:

“These shoes are really nice, I wish my grandma would have bought me these back when I was in 6th grade.” -Miles Tiller

Is it worth it?

I think this shoe is a good deal because, unlike most of the other basketball shoes, you are paying less than a thousand dollars for them. People say that they are too plain but I feel like they pair really well with jeans and casual outfits. All in all, I definitely think it is worth the money.

What we got right:

The shoe’s initial reception was not kind to say the least. Some people were upset because $325 is a lot of money to pay for shoes when you could buy a console, pay off student loans or even just add to your savings and get close to that amount in about three months or less. This was a good feature because we were able to see that there were some people who were opposed to its price.

What we got wrong:

I think that we could have gone more in depth in many of the interview questions and I think we could have talked about Lebron James’ popularity, which has never been higher than it is now. We also did not talk about Harden’s status as an All-Star like the majority of sports media outlets did. We didn’t explain about his new deal with Nike or even mention the fact that he signed a huge deal in the off-season and is forced to wear another pair of shoes than his own.


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