What You Should Know About Hailey Langland Slopestyle

hailey langland
hailey langland

Hailey Langland Slopestyle is the Olympics this year and it happens in three days. There are four men and four women who will be going head to head on the slopestyle jumps together. This is a new event and it will be different from the other ski events as it has a course that includes jumps, rails, and other features. Each competitor will have to do at least three runs of the course, with their best run counting for part of their final score. The start order for this event is based on the World Cup standings of the men, as well as the women’s World Cup standings. The winner will be chosen from that list.

The Olympics are known to bring out many controversies, and with these events it won’t be different. There are certain athletes who have been criticized and bashed in recent weeks. Hailey Langland is one of them, as she has been accused of being overrated and doing things for the paycheck. Her critics say that she does not deserve to be in Sochi, and they also claim that she ate up all the attention by herself when it should have gone towards other skiers who were supposed to win medals at these Olympics.

What You Should Know About Hailey Langland Slopestyle :

1. Who Is Hailey Langland?

Hailey Langland was born on June 12, 1993 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an American freestyle skier who has four World Cup wins under her belt. She has been skiing since she was nine years old and she is one of the best in the country at being able to do difficult tricks. Earlier this year, Hailey gave up her alpine career so that she could focus on slopestyle skiing. The Olympic Committee thought that she would be a good representative for the United States, so they picked her to come to Sochi and ski in these Olympics opposite three other American women and three men.

2. Her Controversy

Hailey Langland has made a lot of enemies in the world of slopestyle skiing. This is mostly because of her position as one of the favorites to win Olympic medals in this event. She is a favorite for many reasons, and one of them is the fact that she has been doing very well on the World Cup tour this season. She won four events to date, and she has never finished below fourth place when there was prize money available at the end. Her dominance was so strong that some people started to like her less and say that she was on steroids or something else illegal to get an advantage over her competitors.

3. What People Are Saying

In the world of slopestyle skiing, there are four women and four men who have dominated the events. The men are Whistler Blackcomb’s Nick Goepper, Sochi 2014 Medalist Joss Christensen, Olympic Gold Medalist Terje Håkonsen, and Kjersti Buaas. Then we have the women’s competition of Hailey Langland, Miki Dorais-Fortier, Kelly Clark and Torah Bright. In this event at the Olympics so far, we also have a surprise inclusion to consider as well.

4. The Controversy

Hailey Langland has gotten a lot of heat in the past few months because of what people think she might have done to get an advantage over her competitors. Some people have been saying that they think she is taking steroids so that she can build muscle and shred faster. Others say that she has been getting fake tanning injections in a place like Miami and other places like that to give herself an edge and make sure the judges know who she is when they are looking at her. There are other forms of cheating that Hailey Langland could be doing, but nobody has claimed anything specific yet.

5. What To Expect

The women’s competition starts next Wednesday and it will include four runs in which each skier will try their best to be the first one down the course and earn their best score. Then each of them will go back up the hill again, this time with the help of a gate, so that they can try to top that run. This is not an official event, but it is going to count towards each competitor’s Olympic scores and this event is considered important enough for Hailey Langland to be taken seriously. People are expecting great things from her in Sochi, especially because she has won these World Cup events every single year since 2011.

6. Overall Prediction

During the Olympics, there are going to be many people who will watch the games and tune in to watch some of the events. Some of those events are going to be slopestyle skiing, and they are going to feature one woman who has been dominating everyone so far in 2013/2014. Hailey Langland has been on fire this season and there is no reason to think that will change at all over the next few weeks at Sochi.


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