What’s So Trendy About Vanoss Gaming?


Vanoss Gaming knowledge has been around for a while now, but they’re more popular than ever. He’s best known for his YouTube channel and his super funny (but not always safe) gameplay videos of Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. But what is it that’s so trendy about Vanoss Gaming? What do you know about the man behind the mystique? Well, we’ve gathered up some quick facts about him for you just below.

1) YouTube community on Vanoss Gaming’s side.

Vanoss is an American gamer YouTuber who’s been part of the YouTube community for over six years. His channel, VanossGaming, has over 9 million subscribers. That number doesn’t count the millions of non-subscribers who enjoy his gaming videos. Vanoss online fans love him for his great sense of humor and top notch video editing skills.

2) Came up on YouTube with a partner in crime.

Vanoss first rose to fame for playing video games with his best friend, MateoSierra, who is another famous gaming YouTuber with five million subscribers. Mateo is considered a top 100 player in Call of Duty and second only to Vanoss when it comes to their joint channel “VanossGaming.org”. Vanoss and Mateo started their channel in 2007.

3) Vanoss is a gamer that loves to play.

Vanoss is known for his characteristically energetic live streams, where he plays games with fans of his YouTube channel. He’s also very active on Twitter – where he has more than 380 000 followers – and on Twitch, the world’s largest video game streaming service.

4) A big fan of music.

Vanoss even has his own band named “The Vanoss Army” . In fact, Vanoss Gaming has a weekly podcast on iTunes where he, Mateo and friends talk about their lives and what’s going on in the gaming world.

5) This awesome YouTuber is partnered with Maker Studios.

VanossGaming is currently one of the biggest Youtube networks available, with over a billion viewers each month. Maker Studios partners are able to earn money from their videos, making VanossGaming a great business opportunity!

6) Vanoss loves his community.

Vanoss has an open door policy both at home and in his office. He gets thousands of fans visiting him every day. He even has a Youtube channel where his fans can vote on their favorite moments from his videos, which he posts on the main VanossGaming channel.


7) Vanoss plays with the big boys.

Vanoss plays video games with many famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers, including Markiplier, SeaNanners, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie and Many A True Nerd. It’s no surprise that he has so many followers!

8) Vanoss is very active in the gaming world.

Vanoss was once voted “Top Gaming’ Gamer” at the VGA awards in 2014 and 2015. He was also on the cover of the popular gaming magazine Game Informer. He’s even been recognized by the famous Call of Duty studio, Treyarch, for his amazing skills and genuine love for the game.

9) VanossGaming is often featured in video game magazines.

VanossGaming has been featured in a number of gaming magazines, including GamePro, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and The Escapist.

10) Accomplishments don’t bother this awesome YouTuber.

VanossGaming is one of YouTube’s fastest growing channels, with over 1 billion views in 2014 alone! His YouTube channel is also one of YouTube’s most subscribed to gaming channels.

11) Has a very important online community.

VanossGaming has its own forum where gamers can find an online community to share their opinions and thoughts on games, as well as other topics. Vanoss himself is very active on the forums and always answers his fans’ questions.

12) VanossGaming has social media covered.

VanaossGaming’s YouTube channel is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ – not to mention his own website. He’s right there to interact with fans 24/7!

13) This awesome YouTuber gives more than he gets.

VanossGaming has raised over $13 000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and is part of the Extra Life charity, which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. He even has a VanossGaming marathon every year!

14) A one man Youtube army.

VanossGaming has over 2 million views on his channel every day. That’s more than some of the most popular television shows on TV! Vanoss also has more than 9 million subscribers, which is more than some of the most famous Youtubers in total.

15) Other YouTubers are fans too!

In 2014, VanossGaming was named Youtuber of the Year by WatchMojo.com and was also ranked #56 in the Forbes “Top 100 of 2015” list. Other netizens named him one of the most influential YouTubers of 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Without a doubt, Vanoss Gaming is one of the internet’s most popular and famous gamers. With his great sense of humor and astounding personality, he has managed to become popular all over the world! We don’t know if he is as active on gaming websites as he used to be, but we can always count on his YouTube channel for a good laugh. He’s also very active on social media. We hope you enjoyed this article about the awesome VanossGaming!

Vanoss Gaming was created by MateoSierra in June 2007. Their YouTube channel was launched in October 2007.


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