which of the following concepts refers to an economy based on computer technology?


The computer industry has been around for only a few decades. This is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of business, however. Its birth can be attributed to the rise of the Internet from an underground phenomenon in the early 1990s. Internet companies are now owned by the largest corporations in the world. Many of these corporations are headquartered in the United States, which makes the United States the leading economy in the world.

The computer industry as a whole has been around for only a few decades, but it has a lot of power. Some of the most significant companies in this industry are IBM, Dell, and Microsoft. Some of the other key companies include Apple, Cisco, Dell, and HP.

The computer industry is comprised of about twenty companies, each of which has been incorporated in the United States. These companies are all led by executives who have worked for the same company for several decades. The computer industry is one of the most valuable sectors of the U.S. economy because of the massive growth in technology and the fact that it is a relatively new industry. The computer industry is expected to keep growing at a rate of about 10% for the next several years.

HP is a machine-based economy and the major thing that drives it is that the computer industry is much less than it is today. HP is the best technology-driven economy in the world and it’s a great place to grow your business.

The main reason for a computer-based economy is because it’s one of the very few things we need to be able to do today. We just need computers to run many jobs and that’s what we need to do.

HP is a great example of a computer economy. The number of years from the beginning of the computer industry to the end of the computer industry is such that it’s quite difficult to imagine what could be done with the current software industry as a whole.

The main reason for a computer-based economy is that it enables people to work a little more efficiently. You can’t just get away with it — you have to be careful because of the limitations. Because of the limitations, you’re stuck with a computer that can perform a lot of things but is not as efficient as the current software industry.

You are currently working a lot of computer software, and it is very inefficient compared to the current software industry. This is due to the fact that computers use a lot of resources such as memory, processing power, and bandwidth in order to perform a lot of tasks. For example, a video game would take about 20% of the CPU time in order to render the game, and then about 8% of the CPU time on the computer to process the game.

The good news is that this is a lot cheaper than the current software industry. The bad news is that computers do not have the hardware infrastructure to make those hardware parts, which is an obvious thing to say about a computer as a whole. Computers use a lot of resources in order to perform tasks for which they have more of a problem than they actually have. And then, in order to make things faster and more efficient, computers have to increase their memory uses more and more.

In the same way that people will argue over which food is healthier, different types of computers will use different methods of getting their information to process into usable form. If computers don’t have the infrastructure to make a certain type of computer part, they will make it anyway, and even if they aren’t making it, they are wasting the same amount of computer resources in order to make them.


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