Why Are Celebrities Obsessed With Melonheadz Frame?

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What is melonheadz frame?

Melonheadz frame is a brand of eyewear created by Chris Salgado, a professional cyclist who started the company in an effort to keep riders’ heads protected. The frames were designed by Chris Salgado himself, combining what he knew about cycling science with his own passions for art and design. The result is a sleek and modern take on the traditional bike helmet. The brand claims the frames are inspired by the human skull, with a system of integrated goggles and arms that attach to the helmet.

The glasses are made from a special type of glass that is supposed to stay strong even if it breaks. The frames come in 2 styles, a square or rectangle shape. The company also has 3 different sized lenses to choose from: Extra small, small and medium. They have a flexible rubber frame and rubber ends for increased durability. The lenses are polarized for clear vision even in low light conditions. Melonheadz frame also offers an optional snap-in sunglass lens which makes them perfect for any outdoor activity including cycling, running and skiing.

What are the features?

The Melonheadz frame has a few features that make it a unique product. The most prominent is the combination of glasses and goggles, which the company claims to be an effective solution to the problem of fogging in cold weather and debris flying into the rider’s eyes. The arms are designed so that they can be attached and detached without any tools, making it easy for riders to switch from regular glasses to sunglasses or goggles when needed. The frame itself is also flexible, giving it increased durability in case of impact or unexpected falls.

What is the company’s target audience?

The company’s target audience is cyclists and runners. They specifically designed their frames to not be too heavy and bulky, which they claim makes them perfect for cycling, running and skiing. The sunglasses are also made in a way that they are comfortable to wear even when used for prolonged periods of time. The arms and lens can also be removed so that the riders can switch to regular glasses when they need it.

What is their recent popularity?

Melonheadz frames have recently started capturing the attention of celebrities such as actor Jeff Goldblum and actress Jessica Alba since hip hop singer Drake wore them in his music video “Take Care. The frames were designed by Chris Salgado, a professional cyclist. Since the company started selling them in 2011, they have gained popularity in the cycling and running communities where they are distinctively different from regular glasses and goggles.

What is their advantage?

They have a lot of advantages over regular glasses and goggles such as protection from debris flying into the rider’s eyes and fogging up in cold weather since they are attached to a helmet. They are also designed to be lightweight which makes them perfect for athletes who spend most of their time moving around. The sunglasses can also be detached and worn like regular glasses which allows the rider to still have clear vision even when he does not need the extra protection that his helmet provides.

What is their disadvantage?

The company’s disadvantage is that it is not as popular as some of the other brands of glasses and goggles. This can be attributed to the fact that they are specifically geared towards athletes, which might make consumers skeptical about whether or not they will be suitable for their needs. The fact that they can only be worn with helmets also limits their appeal since they are mainly used by cyclists and runners who might not wear helmets when they ride or run. This is common in a lot of sports like cycling where helmets are more often used to cover up dirt and grime than to prevent injuries. The frames cost approximately $120. The sunglasses can be bought for about $40 a pair. The lenses or sunglass lenses can be bought for about $15 each.

How does their business work?

The company operates through a website, which is the only place where purchasers can find information about the company’s products and order them online. The only way sales are made is through purchasing the product from their website. Their goal is to create a loyal following of customers who will then spread the word about their products and encourage others to try them out.

How can I get them in Singapore?

Melonheadz frames are currently only available in the United States. However, they are looking to expand into other markets including Singapore, thus making it easier for customers to purchase the frames without having to pay high shipping costs.

How can I contact them?

The company is currently owned by Chris Salgado and his family. Contact information can be found through their website which lists the address of the office and a list of phone numbers where customers can call to place an order or request more information about their products.


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