Why are these city names famous

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paulo silva FWle UeZ7RQ unsplash

Some city names are famous for their natural beauty, some because of the contributions they’ve made to cultures around the world, and some just because there’s a really good story behind them.

In this article we’ll explore the fascinating stories behind these elven city names that have been used in our language for centuries:

1. Athens

 A city in Greece that is also known as Akademia (Academy) and Atlantis after the war of the gods. 

This famous city was founded by the Gods, Athena and Poseidon. It rose to prominence after these two goddesses contributed their most precious gift – wisdom and harmony.

Wisdom is a major part of Athenian culture, as they have passed on their ancient knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

 The first law ever created was called “the first law” or simply “The Athenian Constitution”. It was written by a man named Solon during the early years of Athens. 

This law makes up the first chapter of what is now recognized as the world’s oldest constitution.

2. Granada

A city in Spain, founded by Queen Isabella I of Castile and prince Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1491.

Even though Granada was founded nearly five hundred years ago, there are still traces of Islamic culture embedded in the design of the city’s architecture.

 The capital letter “G” is also found on many buildings, decorations and monuments throughout the city. It stands for Gloria (glory). 

Many buildings are built to resemble Moorish architecture with Gibraltar-shaped arches and pillars. 

The city once played a major role in the development of the arts, science and the Renaissance. This is because it was always frequented by Mozarabs (Christianized Arabs) who brought to Granada their knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.

3. Muscat

Capital city of Oman which is also known as “The Garden City”. It has been said that “nature is the building material” of Muscat,but no one would argue that human hands played an important part in its construction as well.

4. Rome

 A city in Italy which is also known as the ‘Eternal City’. The word “Rome” comes from Romulus, son of King Tullus Hostilius. 

After killing his brother Remus, he founded the city that would bear his name. Rome’s capital letter “R” is located on many buildings because it symbolizes Roma (she-wolf).

 It can be found on the Vatican City State coat of arms, as well as the coat of arms of the Republic of Italy. 

5. Istanbul

A city in Turkey that is also known as the “Blue City”. This city has been holding its place as a significant political and cultural center for almost seven hundred years.

Many say it has been able to accomplish so much because of its history, geography and history.

 Istanbul’s star symbol appears on many buildings throughout the city because of its special significance which relates to stars.

6. Florence

A town in Italy that is also known as the “City of Flowers”. The name of Florence (Flo) is believed to be derived from the Latin name for the city, Florentia (Florence). 

One of its oldest settlements was founded in 3200 BC during the Bronze Age.

  The famous “Florence Nightingale” statue was originally located in London but it was moved to Florence after Florence Nightingale’s death.

7. Alexandria

A city in Egypt which is also known as “The City of Wisdom”. It was founded by Alexander the Great and named after his father, Alexander the Great.

8. Prague

An historic city in Czech Republic that is also known as the “City of a Hundred Spires”.

 In 1148, Rudolf II founded Prague Castle as Renaissance stonemasons built the castle to protect the people from foreign invaders. Many tourists travel to Prague each year because of its rich history, architecture and art.

9. Venice

A city in Italy that is also known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”. Venice was a major trade port for a long time, especially between the 11th and 13th centuries.

 It became one of Europe’s most wealthy cities because of its strategic location near several important trade routes.

10. Jerusalem

A city in Palestine that is also known as the “Capital of Israel”. 

Although Israel was founded in 1948, it took until 1980 for the city’s capital letter “J” to be used as such. Since then, many people have flocked to Jerusalem so that they could visit this holy place.

 The city’s first newspaper was printed by an Italian named Angelo Colocci. The newspaper was called Ragionare (Reasoner). 

Some of the Hebrew letters that make up this symbol can be found on the Dome of the Rock (Jehovah’s Temple).

11. Skopje

A city in the Republic of Macedonia which is also known as the “Macedonian Jewel”. The capital letter Sk (which is the ancient Greek symbol for sky or heaven) appears on many government buildings and symbols because of its significance.

 This capital letter also appears on the coat of arms of the country and it can be found in many places throughout this historic city.


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