Why The Hunting Can It Affect The Surrounding Ecosystem

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The hunting of the animal affects the surrounding ecosystem in a very big way. The hunting of animals can have some negative impact on the environment and the biggest spike deer. For instance, if a population of deer is reduced, then it could affect other populations in the ecosystem by decreasing natural vegetation because there are less animals eating them would cause for these plants. If we hunt for elks and deer and wolves, then it will likely have an effect on our rivers which are used for fishing and drinking water. People know their agricultural produce is going to be affected by local predators such as bears and coyotes so they protect their crops from them with electric fences or by spraying chili pepper spray around their crops to keep them away.

1. Introduction 

Hunting is a very big issue that has been charged as an unfair and random system. From ages, people have always tried to find ways to control or manage some population of animals so that they can solve their problem at the same time gain something valuable. Hunting is one of the ways through which some people are professional hunters, but for other people it can be just a hobby. So it has been said by people that hunting causes some pain and suffering to animals in order for humans. To be honest, hunting is a good thing for the ecosystem; it helps to control the population of animals and at the same time help to balance their population of animals.

In today’s society, vegetarianism has risen as well as veganism. If you want to be involved in some movement, educating people around you can be very helpful because this will allow other people to follow your lead and become vegetarian or even vegan. Hunters has been called so many names: killers, murderers, butchers and so on. But there are many people who respect hunters even though they don’t hunt themselves. These same people also respect wildlife because they know that nature makes beautiful things not just for them but for all of humanity.

2. What are the Benefits of Hunting

It is said by animal right activists that hunting is one of the cruelest things that has ever been done. They also claim that if we stop killing animals, then a lot of problems can be solved such as deforestation, loss of wildlife and even starvation. Hunting can be an important part of a legal, ethical, and well managed ecosystem. In fact hunting is a great pastime because it helps us to learn more about nature. If a population of animals is reduced, then it could affect other populations in the ecosystem. For example if people start to hunt wild deer frequently and then their population starts to decrease significantly; this will cause problems for the plants that deer once eat. So with less amount of plants will result in it being consumed by others like bears or coyotes so if people “hunted” fewer animals or none at all then the ecology would suffer.

3. The Negative Impact of Hunting

Wilderness and conservation areas are places where people can find peace and tranquility. However, when people start to hunt the animals in these areas the impact on the ecosystem is very negative. Animals that are hunted by humans could be endangered animals, endangered species or even extinct species. For instance, if a population of elks is reduced, then it could affect other populations in the ecosystem like coyotes or bears. They will eat more plants and starve themselves very quickly for lack of food; some even get killed because they’re so hungry that they attack humans on purpose to become food for them. This causes pain and suffering to other animals like coyotes and bears, who are only trying to survive the same way that humans are. If a hunter doesn’t hunt an animal, then it will go extinct because it will result in the loss of many species and reduced population of the whole ecosystem. This can also affect humans because it will decrease the amount of food for both carnivores and herbivores as well as decrease their survival chances in case of a predator attack.

4. Conclusion

Hunting is a good thing for the ecosystem because it prevents the population of animals from increasing to an extraordinary level. Like I explained before, if a population of herbivores increases to an extraordinary level, then there will be many plants that are not consumed by them. And it would result in plants being consumed by herbivores and if there are no more herbivores out there then plants will be consumed by carnivores like bears or coyotes. Like this, it can also lead to other animals and humans getting killed as these carnivores are in need of food so they will most likely attack humans and other animals like deer, elks and so on just to survive and eat.


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