Will Games Ever Rule the World?

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Ever since the internet became widely accessible, there has been a surge of interest in novel ways to consume digital content. From books to television and movies, people have always been drawn to media that they can learn from or interact with while being entertained. But are video games next? In 2018, the answer is an overwhelming yes.

Games like sports authority coupons 2015 printable are getting bigger and better than ever before, touted as a way for adults and children alike to unwind after long hours of doing repetitive work.

1. Biggest Games of the Year

There were a lot of games released in 2018. Some were great, some were mediocre, and others were awful.  But we’re here to talk about the biggest games of the year, and which ones made our money and time worth it. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a fantastic addition to the modern shooter scene, managing to balance beautiful graphics with fun gameplay that doesn’t get stale after repeated playtimes. With a stunning campaign and multiplayer modes, people will be playing this game for years to come. Fortnite was a big hit in 2018 as well, but it was more of a cultural phenomenon than anything else. With videos of kids all over the world playing the game, everyone wanted to get in on the fun. 

2. Good Games for Kids

Parents have always been concerned about what their kids are playing. And for good reason — some games released in the past have had content that was borderline pornographic. But more and more, companies are realizing that there are a lot of adult gamers out there who don’t want to play all-out arcade-style shooters or gritty first-person games, and that children and adults alike can enjoy more family friendly content as well.  Nintendo has always been on the forefront of this movement, but this year saw newer game developers like EA and Ubisoft getting in on the action with games like Starlink: Battle for Atlas and Rayman Legends respectively.

3. Worst Games of the Year

In 2018, there were a lot of bad games released. From cringeworthy experiences to unfinished products, there was a lot of negativity floating around this year. The worst game that I played during my playthrough was Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4.  The story is built up so well in the marketing materials that you’d think it would be a good game, but it isn’t. In fact, it is terrible and just an absolute mess.  From the very first mission all the way to Maxie’s ending, it struggles to find its footing and eventually falls flat on its face.  There are some cool ideas here, but none feel fully realized. 

4. Most Digital Downloads

It was an incredibly strong year for digital downloads as well, with some big releases from Ubisoft and Sony coming out in 2018 that helped boost their market share when compared to last year’s results. PC players were also treated to a number of massive releases, with Battlefield 5 and Devil May Cry 5 topping the list.

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5. Best PC Games of the Year

The PC gaming market is still extremely healthy in 2018, especially with the release of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus .  There’s been a proliferation of new games being ported directly from consoles to PCs as well, including Fortnite , Shadow Warrior 2 , and FIFA 19 .  The latest game in the Civilization franchise was a nice change for fans as well, an overhaul of menus and gameplay that adds a lot more depth to city management than previous games in the series.

6. Most Played Games in 2018

Despite all these new releases, people are still playing their old favorites. For example, the top five most played games of 2018 were also the top five most played games of 2017.  League of Legends sat comfortably atop the list again with an average of 27 million players per month, followed by Dungeon Fighter Online , CrossFire , World of Tanks , and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds .

7. Industry Earnings

In spite of all this excitement and new content, there’s always a bit of concern about how developers will cope with the demands posed by the influx of new platforms and game types that we’re seeing right now.  The good news is that the industry managed to pull in some very nice numbers, with revenues increasing by around 8%.  To put that into perspective, it’s more than double the earnings growth of the same period a year ago, which was around 4%.

8. Future Plans and Predictions

It’s very likely that 2019 will see more big games being released than 2018 did. But we’re nonetheless sticking our necks out and making some predictions about what we can expect from games in the future.  First up are sequels to some of 2018’s biggest hits.  Battlefield V will certainly continue to be one of the biggest shooters in history, as will Kingdom Hearts 3 for Square Enix.


The gaming industry is continuing to grow at a steady pace and it doesn’t look like that will be changing any time soon.  There are more games coming out than ever before, and the future looks very bright. Video games have been steadily growing in popularity for decades now, and as people increasingly rely on technology in their personal lives, I think we’ll see video games take up a larger and larger share of society’s time.


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