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Before you compose your post for our https://thedigitalwise.com/blog, be certain you know about visitor contributing to a blog rules and our crowd — do visit these rules to be certain they are clear.


GETO Live is a notable news media organization, expect’s to assist their perusers with the privilege and appropriate innovation arrangement. Be it about most moving news, games, programming, PCs, cell phones, contraptions, and everything running in the realm of innovation. We have the first hand data about each and every tech and startup news, updates, and arrangements. Our item audits and examination are consistently top to bottom, well-informed, and point by point, which encourages our all-encompassing crowd to settle on better choices.

We just acknowledge unique substance. Ensure if your article has been distributed elsewhere, kindly don’t submit it.


We generally like unique and easygoing substance, however it should be conversational, instructive, and neighborly. We need your character that shows through in the composition as you educate our perusers something energizing and new.


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Blog entries should be somewhere in the range of 500 and 1,000 words. Find some kind of harmony among succinct and being point by point. Our perusers likewise appreciate screen captures, models.


Shareable features consistently work extraordinary. You have numbered “How-tos” function admirably to command the perusers notice. Imagine you’re perusing a specific tweet—and envision what might borrow your time?


Use headings toward the start of the section. Use numbers and striking content in your titles, perusers will adore skimming your posts for a significant stand apart material. Additionally, feature significant considerations with strong content.

Content MUST be novel

Authority Article – it was composed by an essayist acquainted with the subject, Interesting and enlightening.

Peruses as though composed by an English speaker

Incorporate at any rate 3-4 enormous great photographs


We give you 50 words bio at the lower part of your visitor post for including one connection back to your site.

You may connect back to two of your site or organization’s blog entries in the post on the off chance that it fits the setting of the point and improves the message of your substance. Recall that watchword stuffing won’t be distributed.


Incorporate in any event four outwardly convincing huge measured photographs set in the post among passages and consistently use copyright-safe sources. You should coordinate the picture record name to the watchword being focused in the feature.

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We may change your article as portrayed:

Add new photographs or change photographs

Alter text for SEO or to improve meaningfulness and syntax.

Additionally, add an inner connect to our blog or site

On the off chance that changes are made, at that point you may demand an adjustment to those progressions or solicitation article be taken out. On the off chance that changes are made, they are minor. Minor changes are made to improve the article SEO or sentence structure. In the event that huge changes are required, we ought not acknowledge an article.

Publication PROCESS

  1. Tell us you’re intrigued. – Send us a snappy email with two points with traces just as one connect to another article you have composed. It would be ideal if you be as point by point and exact so we can evaluate whether the subject of your article will find a place with our models of the blog.
  2. We endorse your thought. – If your article thoughts don’t find a place with our Ideas for top moving, motion pictures, network programs, gaming, and innovation blog, however you have an extraordinary composing style, at that point we will work with you to think of better thoughts.
  3. You compose an article. – according to our publication rules present your articles as a Word archive in the prepared to-distribute structure with no syntax or spelling mistakes. Peruse it to yourself and let your companions read it over also. We will check it once and may send it back for adjustments, once.
  4. If necessary, we may alter. We would not need to alter your articles, so please make certain to peruse our rules cautiously. In the event that we consider it significant, at that point just we may alter your article and may likewise send you remarks with that impact. Note that If it needs too many alters, we may dismiss your article.
  5. You make the last alters. Once more, on the off chance that we actually don’t feel an article is up to our norms, at that point you are allowed to post it somewhere else.
  6. Presently you are formally Fine Blogger! We will distribute your article on our blog, and we won’t guarantee that you’ll be acclaimed, yet we are certain perusers will cherish it!