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Hello, writers! The {getoliv} community welcomes you to write for us.

We are a website that reaches many different people with our stories, news and articles. This is great because it means we can reach lots of readers with your amazing content too! 

If you have an idea about startups or want to share any personal experiences during the writing process then please feel free to send them over so they may be published on this site as well and shared among all other members in order to spread knowledge around accordingly.

What do we publish?

{getoliv} is a website about health , tech and business news. We are looking for people who can write to post articles on how small or medium-size businesses started their journey, the secret behind their success, etc., as well as technology tips that relate to running a digital company. Digital marketing helps brands stay competitive with other companies in this day and age while Human Resources skills help you find new employees or let go of old ones when necessary!

What should you do while “writing for us”?

You need to make sure that the content is engaging and different from others.

People are always looking for new stories, so we look for ways to do things differently than other companies who offer similar services or products. If you have a story/idea that’s out of the box, bring it our way! We want your work because people will love reading anything fresh and exciting – they’re eager readers drawn by word-of-mouth advertising when something unique catches their eye at first glance (and maybe second). Just take one look through what type of work we’ve done in case you decide on pursuing an idea with us as well: there may be some ideas lurking within this portfolio just waiting to come alive under your penmanship!

You should start your new website with content that promotes curiosity. 

This way, people will find value in the information you provide and want to know more about what it is (or who this person is). For example “5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in a Startup” or “8 Mistakes To Avoid while Starting a Business”.

  • Use Examples

The most successful stories from Business.info give great advice to small business owners who are trying their best to make it in the world of entrepreneurship. These should be easy and engaging, like a story; they also need examples so that people can relate more easily with what you’re saying

  •             Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored posts are a great way for companies to grow their name among readers. A sponsored post is not like an advertising fee, but it helps them get more people to know about their company because our readers will see the post and they will learn about the company.

We do not publish some information.

The content on this website should be written in a professional tone of voice. If you want to write for us, make sure that your article has no more than one promotion link and does not plagiarize any previous articles published by our site.


Content is strictly not permitted on our website. This could result in deactivation and banning of your account, as it violates the Terms & Conditions. Our goal at EssayAgony is to provide a professional service for all clients with unique content that has been thoroughly researched by an expert from the field – That’s why we have specific guidelines which you need to follow when writing or submitting any type of work: misleading information will never be tolerated! Misleading information always leads back to being false information- so if there are sources listed within text then they should have correct credit given accordingly; otherwise, do not include misleading links anywhere else (e.g., citations). In order for us here at Essay Agony

  • Use of Stolen Pics/images

Do not use any false information in your content. Always give the right credit and citation to sources of all information that you submit, even if it is from a reliable site or source. When submitting pictures or images make sure they are credited properly before adding them into your article so as avoid copyright issues.

Ideas for guest posts about

The topics we are looking for are based on what people want. People ask for posts about:

  • Blogging: A blog helps you to get more traffic, build your list, write guest posts, and do conversion. Blogging can also lead to freelance clients. 
  • Do not use any false information in your content. Always give the right credit and citation to sources of all information that you submit, even if it is from a reliable site or source. When submitting pictures or images make sure they are credited properly before adding them into your article so as avoid copyright issues.

Copywriting: Tips and strategies for writing headlines, email campaigns, lead magnets, case studies (backed by data), white papers that convert.

 Editor Q&As: After talking to a few editors, I have found that they all want the same things. They are looking for someone who can do their job well and with some creativity thrown in!

Blog Post Content: is where you will need to credit accordingly if you use other people’s content or pictures without permission from the original owner of the copyright material. You should not add any images before submitting your post because of copyright issues. If we see an image on your post when we review it, be aware that this could happen and take caution in order to avoid being contacted about a possible violation.*

Copywriting: Learn how to use the right voice when you’re writing. Discover tips and strategies for crafting headlines, email campaigns, lead magnets, case studies, white papers, sales copy that converts!

5 steps to guest posting for Make a Living Writing

Here are my writer’s guidelines:

1. I get a lot of emails from people who have not read this page, so be sure you do before writing me back!

2. Your email must contain the headline and an outline for us to review your idea- if we like it, then there is more work involved on our end which will need some changes first

3.   We buy the rights to your post. We can publish it on other websites, or in       books and e-books that I make!

4. Do not submit posts that you did not write and they will be published immediately on the site, to all of our followers!

5.The length of the post should be 750 to 1,000 words. We can also do a specific idea at longer lengths if we agree on it.

We want to know what you think about writing for us. Read this page first and then email your thoughts with the subject “I WANT TO WRITE FOR YOU”. We are looking for writers who do not sell content or services, so please don’t pitch anything that is more than 750 words unless it’s very specific idea we’ve already talked about or if I ask you in advance. The best way to come up with ideas on how write our posts- send an email including a title of post proposal (with less than 750 words), description of proposed topic (less than 300 words).

The tone of voice should be professional to create a reliable and trustworthy message. Here are some tips for writing: * An outline of what you would cover in the post (e.g., why our readers will care) before we like your idea, I’ll ask for some changes. You can also submit links to other guest posts if they’re on topics related to ours and provide datapoints, screenshots and social proof that align with this piece as well!

A bio including your title (e.g., CEO of a marketing company) which includes the URL to your website or LinkedIn profile in order to show that you have expertise on this topic, should be professional and engaging with an authoritative tone for social media purposes. Avoid saying anything controversial such as “I think” or using words like “um,” because these cues indicate uncertainty and imply less credibility when trying to establish yourself as an expert online.

We do not pay for guest posts, but we offer exposure and credibility with our readership. If you are a content-seller then I suggest pitching us the next time that is applicable 🙂

We will only answer if we are interested.

People send a lot of pitches to this blog. We are not able to respond to all of them- if we don’t reply, then you might want to read over the information on our blog and make sure that your pitch is a good fit! For example, we usually do not post about topics with grammar errors or unrelated subjects because those posts take up time without actually providing any revenue for us.

How to make sure your post idea is accepted

Are you looking for ways to make more money? If so, check out our blog! We have a section with guest posts that talk about the different strategies people use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is write for us?

Answer: It means to show a link on linking site.

Writers that have agreed to write for us will often be asked contact us, which may create an easier way of contacting you. Contacting you in this fashion is the “write for us.” The exact meaning can vary from website to website- it’s more or less a catchphrase than just what it says- but essentially, a writer that has contacted you through one of these sites means they want your username and password so they can post in your account. This is not one hundred percent illegal (every company has different rules…)

Can I get paid to write?


The answer to this question is “NO”. One can learn how many different ways there are for a person to write and make money. The first way, one could provide review/copy editing services which would require patience in order to do properly. Another option includes contributing articles or blogs on the web- but only if one has time! If not, what better outlet than short stories? When submitting them into publication contests, it’s always best of luck with your writing skills while maintaining that professional tone of voice you want everyone reading their work from getting as well!

Why is guest posting important for your business?


– The world of search engine optimization is always changing. 

– Pertaining to an international business, guest posting can be a great way to spread your credibility in cases where you cannot engage with blogs and other publications who might not know about you but have similar target customers.

Guest posting is an excellent way to get your name out there and increase the authority of your website. By building up targeted backlinks, you can leverage increased rankings on Google for more organic clicks through or visits from users coming in via those listings. For a high quality link passed by 3rd party websites that increases our domain authority means even better visibility when people perform searches

Where should you send your pitch?

Answer: Contact influential bloggers or tech reporters in your own community.

The best way to get the most out of your pitch is by contacting influential bloggers and Tech reporters in your own community. These people will be more inclined to write about you fairly without spamming their list with 10 blog posts on the same day that all have essentially the same content. This not only gets you better exposure from a variety of sites, but also helps if some writers recommend other writers for fun writing activities!

How long should my article be?

The word count should be not less than 500 words for blog posts, 500-1000+ words for articles, and more then 2500 pages in order to write a book.

Do you pay for submissions?

Answer: No, we don’t pay for submissions 

Can I become a regular contributor?

Answer: Yes. All you need to do is:

1. Read the section on “What kind of posts to write” below, for advice from professional writers about how to create a quality post with your own unique perspective

2. Create useful and informative posts that are well-formatted and have an introduction and conclusion 

3. Make sure you’re active in commenting when others create their content

What makes a strong article?


The tone of voice should be professional. The output’s objective is to educate the reader on a certain subject matter with wit, brevity and scholarship.

1/ The story is an essential part of what makes any good article well-received – without it there is nothing to hook readers into reading our work or writing future pieces for publication in whatever medium they may be hoping their work will get picked up by.

A journalist should have a balance between the amount of information and storytelling elements, such as anecdotes, examples from real life experience, humor etc., that can help them capture interest and make articles more readable.

How To Find Guest Post Sites?

2/ If you want your ideas to be heard, they need to stand out in a sea of information. This means that sometimes it is best not only for the reader’s sake but also yours if an idea can be summed up quickly and concisely with just one or two words at most- instead of taking time explaining all thoughts

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what needs said before publishing them (thus “hooking” readers).


For editorial and advertising inquiries:

Email:- aryan@youthgtech.com