You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Delta College

Delta College
Delta College

Delta College is a small, public liberal arts college in southeastern Michigan. Nearly 3700 students study here in person, online, or through community education programs. Despite being an institution focused on the liberal arts, Delta College has nearly 54 campuses across the United States and abroad.

While Delta College’s homogeneous student body may seem unusual to outsiders, it is the pride of its professors and alumni who are working on groundbreaking research at their university and beyond that sets it apart from other colleges.

Delta College was established in 1967 as a junior college, shortly after the establishment of Michigan’s community colleges system. Today, Delta college serves as one of the largest public universities in Michigan and is the sole community college in Michigan to be awarded the highest rating available from US News & World Report.

In addition to its standard courses, Delta College offers 4-year degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science. Students can also choose from a wide variety of programs designed to help them secure a job before putting their next steps towards college on hold.

The Bizarre Truth Of Delta College :

1. It is located at the heart of Detroit

Delta College’s campus is only 3.8 miles away from downtown Detroit. One of the largest cities in America and one of the most diverse cities in Michigan, Delta College offers its students a unique opportunity to experience urban life and culture first-hand. The city of Detroit is home to numerous museums and cultural centers, such as the Detroit Institute of Arts, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Historical Museum, and the Detroit Science Center.

2. It has an incredibly diverse student body

Delta College is among the most diverse colleges in America, with over 20% of its students coming from a different country. Students hail from more than 150 different countries across all continents except Antarctica. Delta College offers courses in over 30 languages including Arabic and Swahili to help students learn new languages and cultures. Their diversity is a major part of how they identify themselves at Delta College.

3. It offers the most expensive tuition in the state

Public colleges are well-known to be over-priced, with the price of tuition rising every year. Delta College has continued this trend with its steeply increasing tuition fees. Despite being a public college which receives state and federal funding, it charges some of the highest fees in all of Michigan. The university’s financial aid office offers several loans and grants for families who cannot afford these fees, as well as scholarships for talented students who need financial help to receive a higher education.

4. It is home to the oldest fraternity in America

Delta Lambda Phi is a nationally active fraternity that was founded at Delta College in 1986. Their longevity is a testament to the fraternity’s commitment to their Delta College roots and the brotherhood they provide to their members. The Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity’s motto ‘Dedicating oneself to the education and betterment of mankind’ acts as a guiding principle for the brothers who remain active in Delta College today.

5. Their mascot is an owl named “‘Rufus”

Delta College’s mascot is ‘Rufus’, a resident white owl who was adopted by students in 1988 as part of a university wide vote. Although not originally chosen, Rufus won over fans with his soft-spoken nature and loyalty to the college community. Rufus has been the source of much scorn, as the college often has him featured on posters and magazines that depict Delta College’s various facilities.

6. They have a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the library

The first building constructed at Delta College was the Bodle Library in 1967. The library houses over 500,000 books and is situated on the main campus of Delta College in Wixom, Michigan. The former president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who was born in Illinois and went to school at nearby Ann Arbor, is depicted by sculptor Melvin Lai throughout most of the building’s hallways and decorative pieces.

7. They have a ‘Tiger’ statue on campus

The mascot of Delta College is an anthropomorphized tiger who is often featured on their various logos, such as the one used during events and sports games. The tiger was chosen as the school’s mascot at the request of several students in 1968 and has remained a prominent part of life at Delta College ever since. Students who wish to become “Big Cat” must go through rigorous tryouts, including interviews with senior members of Delta College’s athletics department.

8. They have a statue of Karl Marx in their library

Delta College built their Bodle Library in 1967, the same year that they added a sculpture of the famous Marxist thinker Karl Marx to the school’s grounds. Lenin, who was also a renowned Marxist theorist and leader, is featured on the college’s campus as part of an educational exhibit. Since 1965, students at Delta College have had access to T.V., cable and internet for about $2 per month. This has encouraged students to bring home more books than ever before, as reading has become more popular over time at Delta College.


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