You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Plagiarism


Plagiarism is the act of claiming, as one’s own work, the ideas, techniques, or words of another. So if you are caught right away by your professor or professor’s assistant it will not be too difficult to avoid a plagiarism accusation. But when there is no definitive answer then the whole world becomes your paper and the punishment can be harsh. The digital ____ method of writing has made plagiarism easy and ever more common. You can even find out how to write a plagiarized free essay or even write your own plagiarized essay with the help of the article.

What is plagiarism?

It is considered to be a form of dishonest work, where someone copies from some other person and pass it off as their own. The term “plagiarism” was first used in the sixteenth century. The word comes from the Greek word “plagios” which means “to steal. This post is a compilation of some crazy truths on plagiarism that will definitely make you think twice about submitting anything without fully reviewing it first.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Plagiarism :

1. Hillary Clinton committed plagiarism –

Forget about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was accused of plagiarism. Her campaign manager allegedly found a paper in The American Prospect that accused her of plagiarizing several passages from other sources. Upon investigation of the case, it was found out that there were more than thirty cases of plagiarism that involved Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book It Takes a Village and a 1994 article for the New York Times Magazine.

2. Climate Change Report was plagiarized-

A year ago a report released by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that there has been human interference in climate change since 1950’s and we are now causing it. The report was written by over a hundred scientists from around the world. The report also stated that without immediate and meaningful efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, climate change will continue to get worse. But it was discovered that the 13-page executive summary of the report had been plagiarized from another source. This incident happened in 2013 and it was found out that words, phrases and sections of text were lifted from an existing source without giving credit for the work.

3. Werner Heisenberg was caught plagiarizing –

Werner Heisenberg is one of the famous physicists around the world; he worked on Quantum Mechanics and created ‘Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle’ with Niels Bohr. It was in 1925 that he published his work with Niels Bohr and it became a success all over the world. But later, it was found that Heisenberg purposely copied several phrases from another author.

4. Jesus had been accused of plagiarism –

In the Gospel of John, Jesus has been quoted to have said “I am the bread of life” and “I am the light of the world”. The phrases are quite similar to another writing found at Qumran which is called as Habakkuk Pesher. The writing is about a ‘Teacher of Righteousness’ who was the leader of an ancient Jewish sect of Essenes.

5. Muhammad copied his revelations from the Bible –

According to the Muslim tradition, Muhammad received a revelation from God and began preaching Islam in 610 AD. The prophet had never read any scripture so he could not have written anything that would have appeared in the Qur’an. Therefore, it was believed that he copied verses from the Torah and used them accordingly to create revelations for his followers. Moreover, there were some other sections that looked quite similar to those found in both Old and New Testament scriptures.

6. George Washington was accused of plagiarism –

The first president of the United States, George Washington is also known for his contributions in the founding of America and as a military leader who led the American army against British forces. The general is also called a ‘brave and thoughtful man’ but there was a time when he was accused of plagiarism. It was found out that he had taken some parts from a book titled ‘Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices’ which is written by Presbyterian minister Thomas Bond. The sections originally belonged to Hannah More, an English poet and writer.

7. Albert Einstein was accused of plagiarism –

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Albert Einstein’s name is known to one and all; he is one of the most brilliant physicists who changed the way we look at the world. Even though he is known for his contributions, he was also at one time accused of plagiarizing his work. He was accused of copying word for word a passage that appeared in a book titled ‘Grundriss der Physik’ by Robert Mayer in 1842. However, experts doubt it because they say that if it were true then Einstein would have been in need of an editor rather than a writer.


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