Your Buying Guide for Men’s Leather Belts in Australia

Leather Belts

Leather is a timeless staple in the fashion industry, and Australians know it. In 2019, Australian designer Dion Lee revealed a high-fashion leather collection that included corsets and harnesses. With so many available options in the Australian market, choosing the best leather belt can be daunting. Besides the looks of the belt, you’ll have to consider how durable it is, how well it fits, and how good the leather quality is. 

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to buy one of the best men’s leather belts  Australia. You’ll learn to differentiate between low-cost knockoffs and premium-quality men’s leather belts. So, let’s start. 

Men’s Leather Belts in Australia: The Various Categories 

Remember that you have two options when considering leather belts: casual and dress belts. 

  • You wear dress belts on a professional or formal occasion with slacks. The dress belt becomes visible when you tuck in the shirt for these events. Consequently, the belt must be comfortable and stylish to wear and complement your outfit. Sometimes, you don’t need a complete outfit to flaunt your belt, as Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame will show you.
  • Casual belts are the right choice for various pants like slacks, shorts, and jeans. As the shirt remains untucked, casual belts are usually not worn in the front. 

The event or occasion typically determines the two belt styles mentioned here. Many designers will intentionally uniquely design the belt by incorporating a longer tail into the casual belts and a shorter tail into a dress leather belt. 

Also, leather belts in Australia come in a wide range of colours. To get a classy and constant look, ensure your dress belt compliments your shoes. You can wear casual belts with almost any colour scheme, so the choice is yours. 

Top-Quality Leather Belts: How to Find Them

When shopping for a leather belt, you’ll get hundreds of options on the internet. So, how to determine the right one for yourself? Well, you’ll have to keep these few things in mind: 

  • The leather grain 
  • Belt colour and stitching
  • Belt width 
  • Belt design 
  • Belt buckle 


The grain of the leather determines the quality, pattern, and texture of the leather used in making the belt. The best quality comes with full-grain leather, from the top layer of the hide with a natural grain. 

After full-grain, the next best alternative is the top-grain leather. As the leather’s outermost layer of hiding gets removed, it becomes less durable and thinner. However, it would help if you avoided rectified or bonded grain leathers at all costs. 

Colour and Finish

When buying a men’s leather belt Australia, pick the one that complements your personal choices. When choosing a dress belt, ensure it matches the colour of your shoes as much as possible. 

Ideally, the leather belt would be designed with the same material as the shoes. However, that’s too rare to happen, so try picking something whose colour is as close as possible. Unlike dress belts, casual leather belts are a more matte finish and are less shiny. 


You must know that casual belts are more comprehensive than dress belts. Generally, a good-quality dress belt comes with a width ranging from 1¼” to 1⅜” and a thickness of ⅛”. If you find the belt’s width more expansive, consider it a casual belt that is not ideal for your needs. 

Casual belts are usually broader than formal dress belts, ranging from 1¼” to 1¾”, where ½” is the most common size for jeans. 


Today, belt buckles have become a style statement. However, they should be worn correctly and with the right outfit to glorify their fashion statement. Some of the most popular belt buckles include: 

  • Frame-style buckle
  • Box-frame buckle 
  • O-ring/D-ring buckle
  • Plate-style buckle
  • Micro-adjustable buckle
  • Snap buckle 

Ending Note 

With this buying guide, you’ll find it easy and convenient to shop for the ultimate men’s leather belt online in Australia. So, until then, happy shopping!


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