Benefits Of An Effective Authoring Tool For eLearning

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With time, training has evolved substantially from traditional classroom training to elearning platforms. Accordingly, the methods of curating the program have also evolved. It is next to impossible to create engaging and modern elearning content with the traditional methods. The authoring tools like Easygenerator offer intuitive, centralized, and extremely useful solutions to create highly efficient features. 

Still not convinced? Listed below are some of the benefits that will surely convince you to have an effective authoring tool for your training requirements.

Saves Time: Being intuitive, the content authoring tool eases the process of developing a course by saving time. The traditional methods required time as every detail was to be handled yourself. Especially the organizations that have a huge resource count to train, having an authoring tool is a must to have. As this contains readymade themes and templates, the time can be utilized in creating valuable content by drastically reducing the design process. The advanced authoring tools also facilitate the automation of few simple tasks like assessment corrections that also save time.

Intuitive Collaborations: Most of the elearning programs are hosted on the cloud. The intuitive authoring tool facilitates the team and multiple users to edit and comment on a real-time basis. This not only helps in keeping the track of the progress but provides clarity on responsibilities and dependencies on other team members. Having all the information in one place saves the time required for coordination by providing real-time status. It leverages to successfully create the program without any miscommunications.

Easy Updates: The Internet has facilitated us by providing information at our fingertips without any lapse in time. The same is expected when it comes to elearning. The authoring tools help update the curriculum on the go and provide access anytime, anywhere to the learners giving them access to the most updated information. 

Simplicity of Use: Some of the initial authoring tools were a little complicated and were not easy to use. However, with time they have adapted to the demands of the user and the creator of the engaging course by facilitating in creating easy to use the software.

Reusing The Content: The digital authoring platform provides the ease of creating and saving the learning content. The content once created can be reused, unlike the traditional methods. With the help of metatags, it becomes easier to find them and reuse them in future projects that will save time.

Multiplatform Usability: The content created with the authoring tools provides a much-needed responsive feature. You can access the curriculum on any device of your choice. Ensuring the content aligns according to the screen size and the device type is one of the most interesting features of the authoring tool.

Reduces Outsourcing Cost: To create an effective template, applying the right color scheme, placing the text correctly, the inclusion of multimedia, etc. are the tasks that require coding skills and were outsourced to experts. However, the authoring tool does most of these complicated tasks with various options to choose from. By exploiting such features, you can reduce the number of tasks that you would want to outsource thus saving huge costs.

Improves Engagement & Learning Experience: As it saves time and you focus more on innovations, you can generate better engaging content and provide a great learning experience to the end-users. Features like the inclusion of assessments in various forms, multimedia, animations, storyboard, etc. make the curriculum interesting keeping the learner engaged. Such learnings are retained for a longer time and can be easily applied in practical scenarios. This is surely a great learning experience.

Conclusion: To simplify the content creation process with the help of simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use software, is the objective of having an effective authoring tool. A good example is Easygenerator that is simple to use and is effective in creating a course that provides an interactive learning experience.


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