Know Which Shares To Buy – Here’s What HDFC Securities Recommends

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You probably know that money sitting in the bank won’t grow much, and it will instead lose its value due to the periods of inflation our world keeps going through occasionally. Therefore, many know investing our money is essential to stay competitive and prosperous. However, the steep rise in the number of retail investors and an increasing number of companies have transformed the stock market into a crowded clutter. The industry now has scores of trading platforms, each with hidden charges. HDFC Securities have risen above the crowd and built a reputation as an excellent stock trading platform. You can skip the hustle of researching hundreds of popular shares and narrow your search to its top recommendations. 

HDFC Securities Recommendations On Top Stocks

Here we cover HDFC’s recommendations for the top shares popular in the stock market as well as on various trading platforms. Before you start trading, look at the different aspects and performances of stocks for the last week, month, or year. It will help to go through the analysis and experts’ predictions on such shares. Know that these are listed shares of the companies that already went public. If you want to make greater long-term profits, you can invest in unlisted shares of the companies before they go public. 

1. State Bank Of India

SBI is a multinational banking and financial company that provides insurance and banking services. The bank has roots in the 18th century and is the oldest in the Indian subcontinent, with branches worldwide. State Bank of India’s share price currently is Rs. 536.70, while its market cap is Rs. 478,983 Crores. 

The share price of SBI touched the mark of Rs. 625  in December 2022. After that, it saw a season of decline, with the last week being one of consistent rise. Therefore, the comparably low share price of SBI makes it a good buy. 

Potential Upside: 8.63%

2. L&T Finance Holdings Ltd.

L&T Financial Holdings is a finance company, offering products and services in a wide range as explained below. 

The company has subsidiaries in corporate, infrastructure, and retail finance. Its diverse portfolio includes infrastructure finance, construction equipment finance, transportation equipment finance, rural products finance, rural enterprise finance, microfinance, etc. L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. current share price is Rs. 90.20 while its market cap is Rs. 22366 Crore. 

The highest price in one year that the stocks of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. witnessed was 98.30. Currently, the stock is trading at around 6 rupees below its 52-week high but has shown signs of upward movement.

Potential Upside: 8.63%

3. Axis Bank Ltd.

Axis Bank is an Indian financial and banking service. It was established in 1993 as UTI Bank but later renamed Axis Bank Ltd. The bank offers products and services in retail and corporate banking, which cover transaction banking, investment banking, trustee service, and international banking. The company is a popular banking choice with an enormous potential to grow. Currently, the share price of Axis Bank Ltd. is Rs. 865.15, while its market cap is Rs. 266134 Crore.

 Axis Bank stocks continue to do well in the stock market. The 52-week high the shares of Axis Bank Ltd experienced was Rs. 970. Currently, the stakes are playing at more than a hundred Rs. less than the 52-Week high and showing an upward climb. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in Axis Bank Ltd. 

Potential Upside: 4.95%

HDFC Securities Share

HDFC Securities and HDFC Bank have performed well in the last few years and have become very popular among investors. HDFC Securities share price currently is Rs. 11900. Consider investing in HDFC Securities shares for long-term profits.  

Before You Invest

When you plan to buy stocks, the investment you want to make depends on your preferences, the money you can spend, and the type of profit you seek. If you seek stable long-term gains, you can invest in conservative stocks with large market caps and exemplary performance in recent years. If you are in the stock market to make huge profits, you can also consider investing in penny stocks and unlisted shares. Unlisted shares are those of a company that has yet to go through an initial public offering. To learn more about the shares, their performances in the market, business environment in the country and worldwide, you can connect to the experts on Stockify. The professionals at Stockify can guide you to make profitable and long-term investments.  


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