Microsoft Teams Apps That You Should Try in Your Business

Microsoft Teams

Technology and business are inseparable today. A business that has not embraced technology is not only missing a lot but is destined to fail. An e-commerce business relies purely on technology for operations management, selling platforms, payment processing, marketing solutions, and team collaboration.

Today, we want to discuss the best team apps and how they are useful in a business operation. So, whether you have an e-commerce B2B or B2C company or a physical business, or even an organization, these tools will come in handy for you.

Although one can get these apps from the web as a stand-alone app, it is better for a business to consider a package from a reliable business solution such as Microsoft. The platform has heavily integrated with chats, file sharing, meetings, alerts, access control, and search apps to help teams collaborate effectively.

That said, let us dive into the best Microsoft teams apps you should try in your business.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Before we look at apps from third-party integration with Microsoft, let us discuss their owner, Microsoft Dynamic 365. As the name suggests, this is a dynamic environment that allows teams to share files and do other collaborative actions.

The business should add Microsoft Dynamic 365 into teams to get started immediately. The procedure is very easy, especially when using apps from VirtoSoftware because they come with procedures on how to install.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the Zoom app into popularity. It is a great video conference and meeting app used by businesses where teams work remotely. There is no need to look for any other Microsoft team meeting app because Zoom has got you.

If you are already in the Microsoft for business environment, you can then get Zoom as an integration, which is easier to install and set up. What’s more is that it gives important reports that you might need to plan.


While still on the MS Teams, you can use Freshdesk to stay in touch and manage your customers for the best support. It is equipped with channels such as email, chats, social media, and phone. It also includes notifications to you and the customers so that nothing important is missed.

This is considered one of the best Microsoft teams apps because you can quickly respond to customers, solve their concerns on time, and notify them of new developments in your e-commerce.


This is designed for the team leaders and managers to keep a tab on the teams and employees by tracking their work time and participation. The good thing is that all of it happens within the Microsoft teams. So, when looking for team apps to integrate with your MS teams environment, consider working with this app for organized team time management.

Health Hero

With the current pandemic, it is crucial to understand the underlying health issues of your teams. Thankfully, MS teams now has an app to track all of these. It also provides a lot of solutions such as linking with health apps and suggesting solutions for certain health issues a lot more.

If you are looking for a team app to use in your business, you will definitely benefit from these apps for teams. Consider using them and the many others in the environment for the benefit of your business.


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