10 Tips for Traveling With Children

Traveling With Children

The globe is bursting with adventures for enthusiastic travelers. Children can be delightful travel companions, full of wonder and curiosity. There are unique challenges that parents face while traveling with children. These potential issues can be anticipated and overcome with appropriate preparations. You can learn quickly and apply your knowledge to family journeys for years to come. Follow the next 12 tips to optimize your experience while traveling with children.

1. Maintain Mobile Coverage

Staying connected to family, friends, and resources is vital while traveling with children. You must maintain great mobile phone coverage so that you can text and call about reservations or flights on the go. This is an especially essential part of any Single Mother Guide to travel at home and abroad. The ideal mobile coverage option will keep your roaming rates low and enable you to coordinate over the phone without worrying about a surprise bill.

2. Follow a Detailed Packing List

Write a packing list that includes all necessary items of clothing, recreational gear, toiletries, games, and comfort items. Make sure to bring a favorite plush toy or small blanket for moments of calm on the road. You can jot down the list on paper or compile it within a reminders app. Saving the list for future reference allows you to edit it over time.

3. Keep Essentials in a Day Pack

Fill a day pack with essentials, such as medications and device chargers. Small children benefit from having an extra change of clothes in the day pack, in case you become separated from your luggage at the wrong moment. Each family has a different set of essential meltdown prevention items, such as tablets or favorite small toys.

4. Choose Bags Strategically 

Select luggage that rolls smoothly and can be stacked, such as backpacks that attach to luggage handles. Innovations in child-friendly luggage include pieces that transform into scooters for long airport walks. Try to fit your packing list into carry-on bags to minimize wait time at either end of your flight.

5. Bring an Emergency Kit

Pack first aid kits in your day pack and luggage. Include items such as various sizes of band aids, antiseptic ointment, allergy medication, ibuprofen, a mini pulse ox, and a thermometer. Keep the items in a clearly marked pouch and included a list of each person’s allergies and medical conditions. It can be helpful to write the name and contact information for you family’s primary physician. Think about travel insurance if you are going far away from your medical system.

6. Brings Thank You Treats for Helpers

Buy duty-free chocolates for the flight attendants and give them their treat as you board. Also, bring a handful of pre-written thank you notes or treats for any kind helpers that lend a hand to your family during your travels. This can set a good tone for your trip and tells others that you are considering their experience, too.

7. Check and Track Strollers 

Check your stroller at the gate and put a tracking device like an Air Tag on the item. Being able to locate your item if it gets lost or left behind is a game changer.

8. Stash Toys and Snacks

Bring small toys and snacks to give your children at specific intervals. Introducing new or favorite treats throughout your travels can distract from stressors and make life easier for all family members.

9. Know Where to Find Easy Meals

Research the meal options at your destination and make a short list of places to go upon arrival. Keep it simple and easy on the first day to help children transition to a new environment. Each child is different and some may love the adventure of trying new foods.

10. Schedule Rest Breaks

Manage your children’s energy as mindfully as possible. Schedule nap times in your room or rental home, and factor in time changes. The happiest child can still overdo it and planned rest is an essential part of maximizing fun for everyone.

Take the leap together and imagine the memories your family can make along the way.


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