Latest Developments In Chiropractic Real Reddit


Organic food has been gaining popularity as of late, but for some it is still a difficult decision to make. For others, the choice is not so difficult; they are just avoiding certain types of foods without any psychological or nutritional reasoning. This trend has caused a number of health concerns- primarily related to honeybee populations- and experts have found that some pesticides used in organic farming may actually be contributing to the decline in bee populations by weakening their immune systems. Is chiropractic real reddit? We explore the idea that chiropractic may actually offer these populations a way to improve their health and have a positive impact on the environment. 

In reality, the effects of chiropractic are only recently being discovered.  The Internet is full of stories about chiropractors curing everything from cancer to autism, but what is interesting is that many of these testimonials come from individuals who have never seen a real chiropractor in person. While it may seem odd at first for an individual to claim that a treatment has cured his cancer or autism, perhaps he was suffering from some other ailment and went to a doctor who did not know how to cure it.

Latest Developments In Chiropractic Real Reddit :

1. The hottest new trend in the chiropractic community is mobile massage. 

It’s a new service that allows licensed Chiropractors to offer Chiropractic care in the comfort of your own home. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) adopted a new rule regarding home practice for 2013. The crisis: Many chiropractors are now offering mobile services and do not meet the requirements of a legitimate, full-time active licensed Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). The solution: Permits like these have been granted to only a handful of DCs nationwide and most often, this is not something they have ever practiced or studied formally in school. 

2. A chiropractor that specializes in sports-related injuries sue the NFL for $300 million dollars.

Dr. Anthony Galea is a chiropractor who practices in Toronto, Canada has sued the NFL for $300 million dollars, claiming that the force of being sacked by Ndamukong Suh caused his neck to snap back and shear his spinal cord. It came to this after he actually sued the NFL for $90 million dollars in a different case relating to other injuries he sustained from being sacked numerous times last season. These two cases are related as Dr. Galea is suing for damages for two separate incidents committed by Suh, however both of these lawsuits were dismissed by a judge earlier this year during appeals.

3. A chiropractor nearly dies from a patient falling on him and his body going into spasms.

A woman who claimed to be suffering from chronic low back pain went to see Dr. John Berardi in July of 2013 in order to get some chiropractic care. During the appointment, she fell onto him and the force of her body caused him to flip over and go into uncontrollable spasms which are indicative of a serious spine injury. For almost three weeks he was immobile, living on painkillers and muscle relaxers just so that he could move around at all. 

A week after the incident occurred, he was rushed to the hospital with serious breathing problems and the fear that the spasms had permanently damaged his lungs. Dr. Berardi’s injuries are currently being investigated by the woman’s insurance company; however he has been denied any compensation for lost wages or pain and suffering because he claims to have not sustained a legitimate spine injury in the process. The chiropractor is thinking about taking her back to court as proof of how badly she injured him.

4. A chiropractic college in Texas has been sued for “not educating students properly.”

Dr. Michelle Varney has filed a lawsuit against the Texas Chiropractic State University (TXCSU) for $15 Million Dollars, claiming that she and other chiropractors were not properly trained and are not legally qualified to practice in the state of Texas. 

It costs over $100,000 dollars just to be admitted into the program which is open to only a select few: only 1% of people graduating get a license to practice anywhere in the country. In response, TXCSU President Dr. John Vicens issued a statement saying that they are not involved with this case and do not comment on pending legal issues. They are instead focusing on the ongoing legal proceedings and defending their reputation as a school.

5. A chiropractor in Florida is facing complaints for overbilling Medicare.

Dr. Jesse Thomas has been accused of charging Medicare patients over $10,000 worth of treatments for back pain and other non-critical ailments so that he can offer lucrative discounts for his business. Investigation has shown that he is charging much more than what Medicare recognizes as reasonable and most of this overbilling goes straight to his bottom line with the help of fraudulent billing abuse.


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